Mulching is a great and inexpensive way to retain moisture in your landscape and improve the appearance of your garden. The YouTube video is a great resource from mulch experts if you’d like to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant. Read on if you’d like to learn more about mulching and how to get the most out of your mulching.

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Tips From a Mulching Expert

Start by choosing the right type of mulch for your landscape, budget, and aesthetic. There are two types of mulching options: organic and non-organic. Organic mulch includes compost, leaves, wood chips, and bark. Non-organic mulch includes stones and gravel. Each option offers a different aesthetic appeal.

The next two considerations are calculating the quantity you need and preparing the area for mulching. Measure the area and remember that mulch depth should be between two and four inches for optimal results. Before laying the mulch, prepare the area by removing any debris, weeds, or existing mulch. In addition, if the soil is dry, you might need to water it first.

Mulch experts agree that edging gives your area a more polished look. Furthermore, keep an eye on the moisture levels in your mulch and replace the mulch when needed. Finally, opt for environmentally-friendly mulching options, such as shredded leaves, wood chips, or compost, from facilities that source their products using sustainable practices.


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