Did you know that concrete replacement requires great professionalism for impeccable results? While the material is versatile, it could form cracks and holes if improperly done and maintained. However, concrete replacement can be done efficiently and effectively with the right knowledge and the appropriate tools, as shown in the video. Below are some tips you can implement:

1. Assess the extent of the deterioration

This has to be your first step. Determine how much the holes and cracks compromise your concrete’s strength and integrity.

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That way, if you spot small holes, you can patch them using a thin layer of epoxy. However, if the holes and cracks are severe, you must replace the damaged area with new concrete.

2. Prepare the concrete surface for repairs

Remember, moisture is your biggest threat when preparing concrete surfaces. As such, thorough surface preparation is key to efficient concrete repair. So, always keep the concrete surface clean and dry, as it boosts the likelihood of curing and hardening properly.

3. Mix the concrete

When mixing the concrete, concentrate on its consistency. The ratio of every element, ranging from water to sand, must be keenly checked. Most importantly, the concrete you’re mixing should also be consistent with the existing concrete. As such, mix your new concrete in a separate container and avoid mixing it with unused or old concrete.

4. Apply the concrete slowly and carefully to achieve a smooth appearance.

Using a rubber scrapper, smooth the new cement for a uniform look. However, if you’re using a fairly wet mixture, try using a trowel to avoid disturbing any dried cement. As such, these measures ensure that your concrete does not develop cracks upon drying.

5. Seal the concrete surface

Use an acrylic or water-based sealer when sealing the surface. This way, the seal works to prevent any discoloration and fading.

While concrete replacement requires care, following these tips will guarantee good results and longevity. Ensure you use the right materials and mix each in their appropriate proportions.


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