Trees are a major part of the property. Whether they are small are large, they demand attention and impossible to miss. That’s why it’s important to maintain your trees. They can also vastly change or improve the atmosphere of your property. If your property has trees on it, you’ll want to have a tree evaluation conducted every year.

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An annual tree inspection will help ensure that your trees are healthy and safe. In this video, you will learn about annual tree evaluations.

A tree inspection will ensure the health of your trees. That also means that people will be safe hanging around your trees because a healthy tree will not drop branches onto them. You can maintain the value of your property since trees tend to affect it. During an evaluation, look at the trunk for splits or cracks. Look at the leaves to check how full it is. Also, look for any dead or low-hanging branches. Take pictures so you have something to compare it to next year.


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