Air conditioning companies and heating companies play a hugely important role here in the United States. After all, heating and cooling systems are hugely important in and of themselves. For many people, taking advantage of such systems is essential for comfort – and even safety – as many parts of this country experience the extremes of both ends of the spectrum. But there is also no doubting the fact that heating and cooling systems can cost a lot of money, especially since data has found that heating and cooling systems alone will, when in use, make up as much as 54% of the average energy bill as a whole.

As air conditioning companies know, there are ways to lower these costs. For one thing, regular maintenance is a must, and is perhaps one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce overall energy costs in the typical home. In fact, simply changing out the air filter in any given air conditioning system can help to improve the energy efficiency of the system as well as the quality of the air that is circulated throughout the home – and this procedure should be conducted at least once every three months. Some air conditioning companies are even likely to recommend that it be done even more frequently than that, though this recommendation is likely to vary, at least slightly, among air conditioning companies here in the United States.

Keeping the windows and doors in good shape will also help to keep these heating and cooling costs low, something that air conditioning companies and other HVAC professionals and HVAC companies will attest to. As can be discovered in the typical home energy audit, up to 30% (and typically no less than 25%) of all lost energy will be because of windows and doors alone, especially if the windows and doors in question are quite old. Adding in new window treatments or even just replacing the windows completely (or, in the most ideal of all cases, some combination of the tow) can have a considerable impact in saving energy. In recent years, even more energy efficient windows than ever before have been produced and are now widely available all throughout the United States – as well as in many places outside of it as well.

Adding in insulation to your attic space or even all throughout your home can also be hugely beneficial. After all, up to 25% of your energy loss can actually be attributed to a lack of insulation and the heat escaping through gaps and cracks in your attic space. Improving the insulation that’s already existing or even just adding in new insulation throughout the attic space can actually lower your heating and cooling costs alike, and by quite the considerable amount – sometimes by as much as a full 40%, which is truly quite the impressive percentage by just about all standards. Insulation companies will be important to bring onto the scene, should this be something that you have an interest in for your very own home, as these insulation companies will be most completely able to improve the quality of your insulation, much more so than the vast majority of do it yourself (DIY) projects could attempt and succeed with.

Even taking smaller steps can end up saving energy, as most air conditioning companies will be able to attest to with ease. For one thing, simply ensuring that you turn out lights when they are not in use can end up making a bigger difference than you might have thought. In addition to this, keeping your thermostat relatively low even during the winter months can also go a long way when it comes to overall energy conservation – and the amount of money that you’ll be able to save. Simply just installing one programmable thermostat will actually even end up saving the typical home owner very nearly $200 over the course of just one single year, an amount of money that, when saved, can certainly be quite beneficial at the end of the day.

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