Many of us take plumbing for granted, especially indoor plumbing. We turn on the tap and out comes water, hot or cold, our choice, but we never really think about it. We flush the toilet, wash our hands, and get on with our lives.

On March 11 of every year, however, we can celebrate World Plumbing Day and be thankful for our own healthy plumbing. What’s more, we can work together on this day to bring quality plumbing to those in need. Our health, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability are all interdependent upon clean water from clean, well-working plumbing. March 11 is a day that many organizations come together to recognize and promote quality plumbing for the entire world.

This day of celebration, recognition, and getting things done was created by the World Plumbing Council who represents the world plumbing community and whose aim is to achieve the best plumbing all over the world by developing and growing the plumbing industries. People from all over the world, both in the plumbing community and outside of it, come together to not only celebrate but to attend seminars and competitions. This is a time of collaboration to improve sanitation around the world. There are hundreds of these celebrations around the world every March 11 that showcase the important link between sanitary plumbing and good health.

One such celebration took place in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 11, 2014, by Water for Indonesia Now. The celebration began with young boys singing and playing traditional drums. There were skits, educational lectures, and lots of thank you’s. Young girls came out to dance a traditional dance in traditional costume. Indonesia is a developing country that needs access to clean water, like many other areas of the developing world. It is the hope of the World Plumbing Council that World Plumbing Day will bring much-needed education and awareness to communities around the world.

If your organization would like to celebrate World Plumbing Day on March 11, 2021, you can visit the World Plumbing Council’s website for some ideas on what to include in your celebration, such as music, skits, and education materials. There are posters you can display, coloring pages to print out for the little kids, and many more resources.

The health of our communities and our planet is dependent upon clean water and sanitation. We can use this day to get this very important message across to our communities and the world.

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