Finding a plumberWhen it comes to plumbing problems, there are times when DIY home maintenance is possible. However, for certain instances, failing to call a plumber could be detrimental to your pipes and home plumbing system.

Here are three instances when it’s absolutely necessary to call a plumber:

  1. Your Faucet is Leaking
    If you have a leaky faucet that won’t stop dripping, it’s more of a problem than just an incessant dripping noise. Did you know that faucets make up a total of 15% of indoor water use within your home? When leaking faucets are left unattended, you could be wasting gallons of water over the course of the year. Even worse, a leaking faucet can be indicative of more serious problems. Finding a plumber to repair your leaking faucet is important to help preserve the health of your plumbing system and to help you save precious water and money. In fact, fixing any water leaks within your home can save you up to 10% on your water bills.
  2. Your Bathtub is Clogged
    Nothing is more unsightly than standing water in your tub. While tubs can be clogged for a number of reasons, finding a plumber for a professional opinion is often vital in this scenario. Even if your tub is draining slowly, it could be indicative of a larger plumbing repair problem that requires more than just a simple draining. Plumbing services can help you kick your clogged drain for good, ensuring every shower and bath leaves you feeling squeaky clean like it’s supposed to.
  3. Your Toilet is Clogged, in a Serious Way
    From time to time, everyone needs to unclog the toilet using a plunger. But when that doesn’t work, it may be indicative of a serious problem and may call for toilet repair. If a plunger doesn’t help, it may mean that the plumbing problems are originating from the sewer line. Since almost 30% of a home’s water use is attributed to toilets, this can prove to be a major issue. Calling a contracted plumber in this instance will ensure that your toilet is flushing and flowing properly, and everyone is able to do their business accordingly.

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