Matt Risinger of Risinger Homes gives a quick summary of the four types of window frames. These window frame types are vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood.

Risinger stated that the low-level leader in the market is vinyl. For one, it is not as strong as other types of frames. This type of frame is also the least aesthetic.

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Another thing is that people can’t paint over it when they want to change the color.

Risinger stated that fiberglass windows are the next step up from vinyl. It is stronger, and it has a better appearance.

Aluminum windows are the next type of window frame. These window frames could be affordable or expensive. Nevertheless, regardless of the cost of the frame, homeowners should obtain an external brake.

The last window frame type is wood. Risinger stated that wood windows today are different than wood windows back in his granddad’s day. People living in the south must get a Cardinal Law E 366 glass for their new window with an SHGC of .25 or less. These individuals must also get argon in between their window panes.

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