As a homeowner, there are several upgrades that you can do to boost the value of your home. When the time to sell comes, you will get a return on your investment if you do the right renovations. Some of the top renovations that add value and you should consider are discussed below.

Remodel Your Bathrooms

When it comes to top home renovations that add value, your bathroom should be among the top areas to work on. If the whole house has one bathroom, consider adding an extra one or two. Underutilized spaces like the area under the stairs or the closet can be great places to add that additional bathroom. You will need around 30 square feet for a full bath, and for a half bath, about 18 square feet. You can also add a bit of luxury to the bathroom by replacing the traditional shower curtain with a glass shower. They are aesthetically appealing and easy to clean. Hire custom glass shower contractors for this bathroom project to design something that suits your bathroom.

You will also want to make sure there is enough lighting in the bathroom. Painting the walls in a neutral light shade will brighten up the room. Investing in roof windows is also a good idea, especially if it is impossible to add more windows to the side. Any sanitaryware that is stained, chipped, or an unfashionable color needs to be replaced. A basic white bathroom is appealing with a touch of sophistication. Keep a clean and hygienic flooring, whether it is a tiled floor or vinyl. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, little touches can make a significant impact.

Expand Your Kitchen

When you bring down the right walls, you can create a spacious layout that is likely to attract buyers. Designs that are partially or entirely open allow more natural light, making the room inviting. Open up the floor plan for the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. It is best to consult an interior designer or a kitchen remodeling contractor because your home will need structural support when you knock down such walls. After opening up space, installing a kitchen island will make the kitchen feel less cramped. Plus, you will have more counter space to work on and storage space, which reduces clutter. It can also be an excellent place for family members to gather and relax.

Another way you can expand your kitchen is by opening the indoor space to the outdoors. When you add a glass extension to a small kitchen, it feels less enclosed. If you do not have that extra space to extend, consider replacing a wall with glass panels and sliding doors. When the doors are open, one will feel like the kitchen extends to the garden. Proper lighting makes a room feel spacious. Find creative ways to combine tasks and atmospheric lighting depending on your kitchen design. Install pendant lights over the kitchen island, incandescent spotlighting over the cabinets, and use incandescent lighting underneath the cabinets.

Renovate an Extra Room Into a Home Office

As you look for top home renovations that add value, consider transforming an extra room into a home office. With more people working from home, a home office has become a selling point for most homeowners. Most people convert an extra bedroom into an office, but you can use the attic or basement if that is not an option for you. You can start by checking whether the room has all the necessary power connections. A home office needs multiple power points for the computer, the router, a home printer, and charging the phone.

While having an extension cord can solve the problem, it may also contribute to clutter in the room. To avoid this, have an electrician come in and lay down some lines. For someone to be productive, they need adequate lighting, both artificial and natural. You may have to consider window replacement if you want a bigger window or if the old one is broken and damaged. When it comes to artificial lighting for smaller rooms, a single LED will work fine. For bigger rooms, you will need every corner to be well lit. Find some neutral colors to paint the office, like soft gray, or get a designer office wallpaper that is not too busy.

Turn Your Basement Into a Bar

Adding a bar to your basement might be a significant selling point, especially for buyers who enjoy hosting and entertaining guests. This is among the top home renovations that add value to your home. There are different bar designs that you can incorporate, depending on the size and layout of your basement. However, first, declutter so that you have a clear picture of how to furnish the basement. Decide whether the bar will in the center of the basement or on a wall. After that, you have to get a few bar stools for the counter. You will need storage units as well. Your bar will need lots of shelves where one can display their assortment of drinks and a glass cabinet for glassware.

You can also add some build-in wine coolers and an undercabinet mini-fridge. Since this will be an entertaining room, you may need tv on display and a pool table, if the space is adequate. Most basements come with low ceilings and small windows, reducing natural light. If you can add or enlarge the windows, even better. Well placed artificial lighting can also make the room more inviting.

Install a Central Air System

Often, buyers will ask whether a home has an HVAC system, how old it is, and if it has recently been replaced. If you have not already installed it, get an HVAC company to install one in your house. A heating or air conditioning system that is more than 10 years old most likely is not running as efficiently as it should. You can check if it needs repairs or if you need to get a new one. You may have noticed that your energy bills have gone up. One of the reasons could be that your AC unit is not working efficiently due to damage or dirt. Before replacing it, check whether it is the air filters that need replacing or you have to clean the condensate drain.

Something else you need to consider when getting an AC unit is whether your electrical can handle the AC unit. Old houses often have older circuit breaker panels that may need to be upgraded to cater to the AC’s needs. As this is one of the top home renovations that add value to a home, ensure you get a qualified contractor who will advise you on the best alternative.

Upgrade Your Home’s Plumbing

Another top home renovation that adds value is upgrading your plumbing system. You may want to consider getting a new water heater. Traditional heaters will let hot water sit in pipes, unused, till it cools. This means that one has to let the water run until it gets hot, which results in wastage. Opt for a modern water heater where you will not have to let the water run for a while to get hot water. It is convenient and, in the end, you spend less on water bills. You can still upgrade your home’s plumbing system while improving the appearance of a room by replacing old fixtures, the sink, or the faucet.

More people are adapting to an environmentally conscious lifestyle by adding low-flow fixtures. Unless a high-pressure shower is significant, hire plumbing services to install low-flow devices to your faucets and showerheads. You should also upgrade your pipes, especially if your house is old. Older lines made of steel are prone to rust on the inside, eventually blocking access to water. Modern plumbing will put you at an advantage when selling your home.

Replace Your Roof

Your roof is among the most critical parts of your home and among the first things buyers see from across the road. Eventually, roofs need to be replaced, and failing to do that can ruin your walls by bringing about mold and mildew stains. With a new roof, you have a chance of staying competitive in the market. However, before you replace the roof, you can get roofing contractors to inspect it and see the extent of damage and whether a repair is enough. A roof repair can save you on costs, especially if your roof is not old.

While missing shingles can easily be replaced, you should also consider how that will look, mixing old shingles with new ones. Over time, the sun causes shingles to fade, and it may be almost impossible to match old shingles with new ones. A mixture of old and new shingles can be unsightly, making your roof look unattractive. Minimum repairs like small leaks are easy, and a qualified contractor will restore your roof in no time.

Pave Your Driveway

Even a well-maintained home, both the inside and out, with a cracked or damaged driveway can reduce the curb appeal of that home. Therefore, when considering top home renovations that add value to your home, you should include paving the driveway. Some buyers will outright refuse a house with an unpaved driveway. This is because of how hard they are to maintain, they are dusty most of the time, and they can quickly ruin a car’s tires. You do not want to give potential buyers a reason to submit a low offer.

When you talk to contractors from a paving company, they will tell you that asphalt is the best solution for your driveway. Apart from being appealing and inviting, it is durable, flexible, and more weather-resistant. Considering how most driveways crack due to snow and ice, asphalt paving is unaffected by rock salt. Concrete driveways can also last you a long time, especially if you maintain them properly.

Garage Door Replacement

One of the top home renovations that add value is replacing the garage door. You will need a good garage door made of durable materials like wood composites, steel, and aluminum. Some features to look for in garage doors include high-performance additions such as energy-saving insulation and glazing.

Most people prefer wood because it is aesthetically appealing. On the downside, it may not be quite weather-resistant. However, if you can get one made of fiberglass or wood composite, you still get to enjoy the woody appearance without worrying about the weather. Another feature that you should consider is the overall architecture of your home. The garage door design you choose should complement your home’s overall style. If your garage door is relatively new with minor issues like a damaged garage door opener, call a garage door technician to fix it for you.

Invest in Solar Panels

In today’s eco-conscious world, one of the top home renovations that add value is installing solar panels on your home. If one can reduce the cost of electricity by using solar panels, they will favor your home over others. Also, most people prefer it because it is a renewable energy source that will not run out. When choosing a solar system, ensure that it can comfortably cater to all your needs. That includes all the appliances installed and electrical devices. It is best to go for premium solar panels as they have more power output and are efficient.

Once you have chosen the right system, you also need to hire an experienced installer that is insured and familiar with the design you have selected. When it comes to maintenance, solar panels require little maintenance. Cleaning them a couple of times per year will do the job. Hiring specialized cleaning services a couple of times to do the job is also affordable.

When looking for top home renovations that add value to your home, you should research properly. You can start with real estate sites and see what the experts recommend based on this list of ideas.

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