In this video, we will find out how to pressure wash a concrete driveway and some tips on driveways pressure washing.

Before you start pressure washing a driveway, it is best to clean the roof and the siding. Start by clearing the driveway of cars, bikes, toys, and storage bins. Once the driveway is clear you can start with a leaf blower and blow away any loose debris or leaves lying on the driveway.

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It is also a good idea to protect any plants; therefore, you might have to cover them with a tarp.

Ensure you treat any stains created by oil, paint, or rust with some form of concrete detergent.

For best results, use a gas or electric pressure washer along with a surface cleaner. Before you begin cleaning, test the pressure washer for 30 seconds, this allows the release of any air that may be in the hose. Make sure to protect your eyes and ears properly to avoid causing harm or damage to them.

When pressure washing a driveway, it should be done in sections; this deters the detergent causing damage to the concrete.

Finally, properly rinse away the detergent from the driveway. Once it is clean and dry, apply a sealant so it retains its clean appearance.

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