When you need roofing services as part of your home improvement plans, you need to find the right roofing companies to help you get the job done right. Your roof is integral to your home’s protection from the elements, and a properly installed roof will keep water and pests out of your home. But finding roofing companies you’re comfortable working with can be a challenge.

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In the video posted here, the host mentions three questions you need to ask a roofer before you begin to work with them.

First, not all roofers do everything themselves. You need to ask if a roofer’s trade patterns are local, licensed, and insured. If they can’t answer these questions about all of their subcontractors, you may not get a high-quality roof repair or installation from them.

Second, you need to ask about the project timeline. When do they guarantee your project will be completed? This is important because some roofing companies are very busy and may not be able to prioritize your job.

Third, you need to ask about the types and brands of roofing materials they install and if these materials come with a warranty. The last thing you want is to pay for a full roof replacement only to find that the materials used are of poor quality.

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