If your garage door is no longer keeping your garage secure or is simply not as attractive as you’d like it to be, your best option is likely new garage door installation. A new garage door will improve your home’s curb appeal and keep your garage as secure as possible. Some new garage doors also offer efficiency improvements with added insulation and lightweight construction.

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Installing a garage door is a task many homeowners feel relatively comfortable tackling on their own, but some caution is needed. It’s important to be extremely careful around garage door springs, for example, and you may want to work with a professional for any part of the project that involves the springs. The other parts of the project should be relatively safe and easy for a homeowner to handle on their own.

The video posted here shows a garage door installation project. The garage door comes in sections that can be installed one at a time and fit together using the provided hardware. If you just need a new door, the project is fairly easy. If you need new tracks or a new motor, installation may take additional time.

If you have any concerns about garage door installation, garage door professionals in your area can help you do the job right.

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