Most homeowners do not think about their sewer system until there is a problem with it. When a shower, sink, or toilet does not drain it is a huge inconvenience and can cause a big mess. However, if you pay attention, you might be able to recognize clues and solve the issue of a clogged sewer line beforehand. This video explains some signs to look out for.

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If one drain in the house becomes clogged, it is a localized problem. But if all the drains are draining slowly then the issue is more likely with the drain itself. Older sewer pipe materials, such as clay, concrete, or iron, can be very susceptible to tree roots or stress cracks. Once tree roots work their way inside the pipe, they will continue to grow. These roots will catch toilet paper and waste to form clogs. An experienced technician can cut the roots with a machine. You can keep pipes clean longer using regular applications of bio enzyme-promoting products and a root growth inhibitor. For the toughest clogs, a specialist will use a high- pressure water jetting equipment to blast through obstacles and scrub away grease. As long as roots can get into a pipe, they will continue to cause damage.


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