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Heating and cooling. Cooling and heating.
It has been a holiday season that has tested the limits of many a HVAC design. From every corner of the country, the temperature extremes of this holiday season are making their way into the record books. From Christmas morning thunderstorms with lightening bright enough to wake the kids, to early afternoon double rainbows, some parts of the country experienced record temperatures and unusual weather events. Every home owner, however, whether in South Dakota or Texas and dealing with record setting lows or in places with high temperatures that delivered rain instead of snow on Christmas morning, was thankful for a reliable HVAC design to keep them comfortable.
Anyone who has found themselves in need of emergency air conditioning repair or emergency furnace repair understands the need for proper HVAC maintenance. And anyone who has suffered through a college dorm room that became so hot that you needed to open a window to the outside has likely promised themselves that they will never again live in a situation that is so uncomfortable. In fact, a home that is often too hot or too cold is also likely a home that is grossly inefficient in its HVAC design. Heating and air conditionings contractors will, of course, make as many emergency repair calls as you need. Your pocketbook, however, would likely prefer a well maintained and more efficient newer HVAC design.
HVAC Contractors Often Recommend Twice yearly Service and Maintenance Calls That Can Help You Get the Most Efficiency
The HVAC industry in America generates an estimated $71 billion in revenue a year. In fact, in the time between the years 2009 and 2014, the U.S. HVAC industry grew by an estimated 4.1% annually. Currently, this important industry in America employs as many as 301,123 people in an estimated 85,469 HVAC businesses. And while many people may think of the HVAC industry as focusing on the sales and installation of new heating and cooling systems, they also promote service and maintenance contracts that can help customers get the most out of their current systems. A properly maintained HVAC design, in fact, will last longer if it is serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Similar to roofing products and other home designs and necessities, the HVAC industry can vary from one part of the country to another. For instance, until fairly recently many homes in places like Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Anchorage, Alaska, never even had air conditioners; instead, these locations only needed heating services. Likewise, in places like Phoenix, Arizona, few homes required much in the way of furnaces and heating systems. As unexpected temperatures show up in locations across the country, however, many business and home owners are for the first time considering upgrading to systems that provide both heating and cooling.
New Heating and Cooling Systems Often Provide Substantial Energy Savings
The one benefit to upgrading a current HVAC system, or to installing one for the very first time, is that the newest products are more efficient. In fact, while the initial investment can be substantial, many home and business owners immediately begin to see the benefits or a system that has less waste and operates on less energy. From the very first month of utility and electricity bills, in fact, a new heat pump system can begin paying for itself.
In the past, some home owners still depended on home heating systems that simply required a wood or coal furnace. Additionally, many home owners in many locations across the country were able to get by without air conditioning. As the nation continues to deal with unexpected and extreme high and low temperatures, however, many more home owners are seeing the need to upgrade their home’s heating and cooling system’s to newer and more efficient HVAC designs.
From Arkansas to Alaska and from Wisconsin to West Virginia, the heating and cooling needs of the nation may be changing. While some people are preparing for lower temperatures than they have ever experienced, others are preparing for record low temperatures. At both ends of the spectrum, an upgraded and efficient heating and cooling system may be the solution.

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