House exterior cleaning

Do you need to have your house, deck, driveway or sidewalk pressure washed? What about that gutter up on your roof?

One of the many reasons why it’s important to have pressure washing is because algae and mold can build up over time, particularly in a gutter that is not well-installed or maintained. Leaves alone can cause a variety of problems when they get trapped in the gutter and decompose.

Furthermore, if you live in a home with a basement, were you aware that clogged gutters can cause issues in your basement? If your gutter is clogged, roof water may be overflowing and accumulating around the foundation. This can lead to leaks and other problems. In addition to damaging your home, it can also provide e a breeding ground for algae and mold.

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, were you aware that there could be mold inside? Interesting to note is that CNN Money reported there can be mold present even in new homes. It was found that 30% of brand new home constructions had some form of mold present.

As you may be aware, mold has been found to cause, or exacerbate, a variety of health issues. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that all types of mold can potentially cause effects on a person’s health. In some cases, these may be minor health effects, while in rare cases, death can result due to mold exposure.

The Mayo Clinic conducted a study on chronic sinus infections. The results from this study showed that 93% of these chronic infections could be attributed to mold. Farmers Insurance also reports that over the past ten years, there has been a substantial increase in mold-related claims. Furthermore, USA Weekend reports that over the past 20 years, there has been a 300% increase in asthma.

In many cases, you may not be aware that you have mold present in your home or the surrounding areas, such as home siding or your deck. In other cases, it may be clear that you do. Rather than risk potential health issues, it’s important to contact a local pressure washing service to take care of these issues before they become a serious problem.

If you’re not sure what a pressure washing company can do for you, they provide these and other services:

    Box gutter repair
    Driveway cleaning
    Driveway sealing
    Gutter installation

        Gutter cleaning
        Deck cleaning
        House washing
        Roof cleaning

      When you contact a local pressure washing company, they can come out to your home for an evaluation. If they discover that you have an issue with mold or algae, they can address that for you. Furthermore, it’s just a good practice to have regular power washing services in order to remove the build-up of dirt and other matter.

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