Compressed air fittings

An air compressor uses a gas engine, a diesel engine, or an electric motor to change power into energy that will be stored in compressed, or pressurized, air. The compressor will then, in several different ways, force an increasing amount of air into a storage tank, which will, in turn, increase the pressure.

It is estimated that a compressed air system is owned by 70% of all manufacturers. There are several types of air compressor tubing typically used in these types of systems. Stainless steel braided transfer tubes are used on most newer systems and can be used as replacement tubes for old copper or aluminum tubing. It can take up to 400 degrees farenheit and vibration will not cause it to crack. Another type of air compressor tubing that is finding its own place in popularity is nylon air compressor tubing. It is easy to install and needs nothing special to assist, such as pipe benders.

There are several different kinds of air compressors. Most of them are a reciprocating piston type of air compressor, or are rotary screw or rotary vane. For very large applications, centrifugal air compressors are commonly used. An air compressor pump is usually oil less or oil lubed.

Compressed air distribution allows air to be transferred from its point of origin, the compressor, into the devices it is needed to provide power to. Power tools are run by compressed air, as are other devices that are run by compressed air. When designing a compressed air distribution system, there are several facts that have to be taken into consideration. Some of these are air quality, air volume flow rate, air pressure requirement, the number of air compressors needed, and more.

There are quite a few advantages to using a compressed air distribution system. Compressed air is proven to be safe and economical, easily tranferred, and easily adaptable. It is sometimes referred to as a fourth utility, falling in line after common utilities such as water, natural gas, and electricity. Compressed air is used for pneumatics, which is the use of pressurized gases in order to get certain types of work done, HVAC control systems, and air tools. It is commonly used for energy storage, and sometimes used to propel certain kinds of vehicles. It is used in air brakes for railway and road vehicles, and for scuba diving, refrigeration, and air guns.

Air compressors and air compressor tubes should be designed to fit the uses it will be needed for. Therefore, consideration should be taken when choosing the proper piping that will be connected to the system. In the past, plastic piping was widely used in these systems because it was easy to install and lighter than metal piping. Plastic is typically non corrosive; therefore, considered to be reasonably safe. More recently, new materials have been used in the manufacture of piping that will not melt or shatter.

Metal piping is a possible use when considering its installation into air compressor systems. The one possible negative, however, is that when metal is exposed to water or condensation, it will rapidly corrode which could, in turn, pollute the entire system. Copper piping is a recommended use for sensitive air systems because it handles high temperatures well.

The question of galvanized piping is often raised by people and businesses considering the installation of compressed air systems. The truth is that galvanized piping is resistant to corrosion; however, as time goes by, corrosion will inevitably set in someplace in the system, and the protective galvanizing begins to peel. The pipes, now unprotected, will begin to produce solid pollutants in between the compressor and the filter. For this reason, experts do not recommend the use of galvanized piping for air compressor tubing.

It is recommended that aluminum tubing be used for running an air system. Because of the fact that it can be installed with regular hand tools, it is a fairly flexible and easy to use material. It is good for certain work areas that may need to be changed out every so often. Professionals will lean toward the use of stainless steel or the proper type of plastic for air compressor tubing, and recommend staying away from galvanized piping altogether.

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