Waiting on the plumbing service to arrive during an emergency can be very frustrating. With the only other option to shut off the water, however, you are willing to wait as long as it takes to figure out how to fix the leak in the guest bathroom. Without experienced plumbing help you have no other option that to turn off the water to that toilet in the room. With company coming for the holiday weekend, however, you are hoping that the plumbing service that you have called will solve the problem.

From water heater repair to fixing toilets, there are many times when it is in your best interest to call in professional plumbing services than to tackle a job on your own. When it comes to sewer and drain cleaning, it is even more important to make sure that you are working with a contractor you can trust.

Professional Plumbing Services Can Help You Make Sure That You Are Getting the Results That you Need

The latest research indicates that the average family in America uses more than 300 gallons of water a day at home. Knowing that every drop that you use costs you not only money but that it also has an environmental impact means that it is important to do everything you can to be as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, many of us have leaks in our homes that result in a significant amount of wasted water. Working with professionals to eliminate these leaks can help you save money, avoid costly damages, and protect the planet at the same time.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many times when plumbing services are needed by both residential and commercial property owners:

  • One single leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip a second can waste as many as 3,000 gallons a year. This is the same amount of water that is needed to take more than 180 showers.
  • In comparison, a shower head leaking at 10 drips a minute wastes more than 500 gallons a year. That is the amount of water it takes to wash 60 loads of dishes in a dishwasher. Fixing these small leaks not only saves water, but it also helps avoid bigger problems that can eventually occur.
  • When all leaks are combined, a trillion gallons of water, worth as much as $6 billion, is wasted each year as the result of running toilets, leaking faucets, or other leaks.
  • Leaks waste as much as 180 gallons of water a week in the average household, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • In addition to the plumbing problems in a home, there are additional concerns that can cause even more significant problems. For instance, the aging sewer system in America spills an estimated 1.26 trillion gallons of untreated sewage every single year.
  • The plumbing system in every home is composed of two separate subsystems: one subsystem takes wastewater out. and the other brings freshwater in.

From water heaters to leaky toilets, there are many times when it is better to call in a professional than to rely on your own skills. The homes that we live in are often the biggest investment that we have so the work of a professional plumber can help protect the value of that investment. When you are expecting house full of company and are waiting for the arrival of an emergency plumber, time can seem to stand still. The fact of the matter is, however, there are many times when the use of these professional services is the most important. When property owners take plumbing issues into their own hands they risk the possibility that they will not fix the problem, but instead create a situation that will cause even more damage in the future.

Many people will make New Year’s resolution that they hope will lead to a better more healthy life. If you want to make sure that your home is as healthy as possible, you will make a resolution to always look for the most professional plumber available whenever you have water work that needs to be done in your home. Professional plumbers and other contractors help all property owners.

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