Custom blinds

Window treatments do more than just add style to your home. They can also help insulate your house to make to more energy efficient and this leads to lower utility bills. Homes can loose a lot of energy through the windoes, In fact, nearly half of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through windows that are not protected with curtains, blinds or thermal window treatments. Many people are now opting to get blackout curtains, which serve a number of purposes.

Reasons to Get Blackout Curtains:

  1. They are great for keeping out unwanted day light.andnbsp;This is essential for people who work nights. Many people have a hard tome going to sleep during the day. There is a true scientific reason for this. When the light interacts with your brain, it triggers the release of certain hormones that tell your body to stay away. This is one reason sleep experts recommend not looking at a screen (television, tablet, phone or computer) before bed. If your schedule mandates that you work during the night and sleep during the day, blackout curtains can make a big difference. They can also be great for those mornings when you want to sleep in but the sun does not want the same thing. Even if you have a traditional 9 to 5 job, you may want to get a little extra sleep on the weekends or holidays.
  2. They can keep out other light and noise.andnbsp;Do you live in a busy urban area? Does the light from the streetlights pester you? Do you have noisy neighbors? if you answered yes to any of thise questions, backout curtains may help improve your quality of life by blocking at least most of that out. Blackout curtains are thicker than regular cutrtains or blinds and can keep more of the noise and light out of your bedroom. They also prevent people from peering in to see when you are and are not at home
  3. They are great for privacy.andnbsp;When you look out your window, are you looking right into your neighbor’s place? If you can see into their home, they can see into yours. Blackout curtains can provide a great way to increase your personal privacy. Using these curtains can improve your privacy and theirs. Just because you can see into their home does not mean you actually want to.
  4. They can help kids sleep patters.andnbsp;Many parents put up blackout curtains in their kids’ rooms or nurseries. This can be especially important if you live in a climate where the sun stays out later like in Alaska. It can be ahrd enough to get children to go to bed but when they have to try to go to sleep when the sun is still shining, that can be almost impossible. When the light is completely blocked from their bedroom areas, it can be easier for them to drift off to sleep. This can help establish and maintain healthy sleep patters (for you and them).
  5. They protect your furniture and other decor.andnbsp;Harsh sunlight can be very damaging to your skin and your belongings. It can wash out and fade your furniture, carpets, flooring and anything else in its path. Blackout curtains keep all of your items safe from the sun.
  6. They are really great for insulation.andnbsp;As has already been noted, drapes can be excellent for insulating your home. Not only will this help you cut your utility bills (remember nearly 50% of your heating and cooling escapes from bare windows), but they help you keep your home the temperature you want all year round.

Blackout curtains, like other drapes, come in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can pair them with blinds or other window treatments to get the look you want on the exterior and interior of your home. You are really only limited by your imagination. They can also be used in rooms all over your home so you can increase your privacy and comfort level while reducing your energy costs and protecting your belongings from the sun and potential burglars.


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