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A home remodel is a great investment in your property and in the life of your family. An older, less functional kitchen or bathroom is a source of frustration to all who attempt to use it. Out dated designs waste water and other resources and are less efficient than modern facilities. A minimal investment in a professional kitchen or bathroom remodeling project will save you many dollars for years to come. Custom kitchen design and custom bathroom remodeling can be environmentally friendly, efficient, functional, beautiful, and enhance the quality of life of your family in many ways for years to come, and increase the value of your home. For example, a middle of the road bathroom remodeling project is a sound investment in your home. Research done by Remodeling Magazine found that an average remodel will cost approximately $16,000, but nearly three quarters of those costs will be recovered should you decide to sell your home at a future date.

Many people, however, choose to remain in their current home for many many years, making kitchen or bathroom remodeling an investment in their personal lives and families. Statistically, over 7.5 million people will hire a professional company to do a remodeling project this year alone. In order to achieve a pleasing result, with which you will be happy for years to come, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends spending at least six months in the planning stage, working with your designer before beginning the actual project.

Once the planning stage is over, the real fun begins! Custom cabinetry design, vanity design, counter tops, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures all offer a wide variety of styles, and as remodeling has become more and more popular, the quality of these items has drastically improved, while the cost comes down and competition between manufacturing and design companies increases. This is all good news for the consumer.

Cabinetry, for example, has come a long way in recent years. Bathroom vanity design and kitchen cabinetry have user friendly options like shelves that roll completely out so you won’t have to reach far back into the dark recesses. The finish on cabinets that are certified will remain like new with exposure to humid conditions, temperature extremes, the use of cleaning products, and spillage of substances like coffee or ketchup without staining, or showing other signs of damage.

A professional kitchen bathroom remodeling project doesn’t need to be cost prohibitive. For example, refacing may be a good option for woodwork and cabinetry, unless the cabinets are damaged, in which case, replacement is more cost effective as it eliminates the need to do repair work before refacing. Another money saving technique is to install new plumbing near existing plumbing and pipe work, making the cost is minimal compared to demolition of old pipe work and reconstruction of new. A professional designer will schedule contractors and installers in the most cost efficient manner based on the order of tasks that need to be accomplished in the remodel. This saves dollars that otherwise would have been needlessly paid to hourly laborers as they wait for another contractor to finish their portion of the job.

All in all, a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project doesn’t have to be daunting, time consuming or expensive, but it will be enjoyable and make your home an even more comfortable place to live than it already is.

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