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Did you know that great landscaping can add up to 28% to the value of your home? That?s definitely not an insignificant boost. As much as landscaping helps the home selling process, it?s important to underline what great landscaping can mean for you, too. An outdoor area that helps you to relax and get out of the house can ultimately have a big impact on how stressed you do — or in this case, don?t — feel year round. Considering that stress can impact everything from heart disease to mortality, it?s important to keep looking for ways to destress and kick back. Here are five ways you can rev up your landscape for 2016!

Create an Outdoor Firepit Area

This does not mean dig a pit in the corner of the yard, and call it a day. Rather, you?re going to want to invest in a great looking built in or movable fire pit, as well as seating and ideally a stonework pathway (or create an addition to your existing patio area) — this will be much more inviting to guests than sitting on logs. Firepits are a good idea because they allow you to stay out later in the night, and smoke can act as a natural insect repellant.

Graduated Planting

Graduated planting has become a popular way to liven up smaller outdoor spaces. Having large planters or retaining walls at different heights along the walls of your home creates visual interest, while also adding a pleasant touch of green.

Waterfall or Other Water Works

Nothing says ?luxury? like a small pond or waterfall in your backyard — and yet these fixtures can be surprisingly affordable additions to your home. Not only can they look beautiful, but the sound of water can often help to hide the noise of neighbors, nearby roads, etc., so that your space feels more private and intimate. A landscaping company can likely draft up several ideas for water systems, and recommend complementary items as well (what about a small bridge, for example?).

Use Wood to Create Interesting Visuals

Whether it?s a trellis or a pergola, wooden structures can be used to help give your backyard that ?secret garden? look you?ve always wanted. Wooden pieces like pergolas also give you an opportunity to give vine growing plants, like roses or morning glory, their space in the limelight.

Invest in WOW Pieces

What makes landscaping truly HGTV worthy? In many cases, it’s having a few landscaping pieces that make people wonder just how creative your landscaping company really is. It can be as simple as having a modern, brightly colored square table instead of a traditional glass table as your patio — or bringing traditionally indoor items (weather-friendly sculptures, waterproof rugs, etc) outside!

Whether you ask a landscaping company for graduated planting, trellises, waterfalls, wow pieces or fire pits, it’s sure to create a backyard worth relaxing in!

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