When you move into a new house, it does not immediately feel like a home. You have to do more work than just unpack your boxes to turn your house into a cozy, warm, and inviting space. There are a number of ways, including decorating your new house, that helps you transform your new space. Some of these ways are easier or faster than others, but each one of them can help you make your new house feel like home. Here are nine ways you can make your new house feel like home.

Start With Repairs and Cleaning

As soon as you get the keys to your new house, your mind begins to race thinking of all the things you want to do. The best place to start is to create a list of all the items you are considering. Once you create the list, you can put the items in order of priority. While you probably want to jump right to decorating your new house, you should put that on pause until you handle some other essential tasks. Even though your house has been inspected, you are never quite sure of all the things the previous owners may have left behind.

You want to start with inspecting for any safety issues first. You may hire residential roofing services to determine the condition of your roof. You want to check all of your filters, too, including the ones for your HVAC system. If you do not know when they were changed last, you want to change them now and keep a record of the date. You should also recaulk your windows to seal them and prevent you from losing a significant amount of heat. Consider any renovations that could be made to improve the flow and safety of your new home.

Next, you want to move on to cleaning and unpacking. Thoroughly clean your entire new home after inspections and safety hazards have been addressed. Then, unpack and get started on making your new house feel homey.

Find Creative Ways to Organize

When you move into a new house, it is the perfect time to organize the way you want. It is much easier to organize as you are putting items in a room instead of trying to organize it once everything is in place. You can start with one room at a time. You can handle organizing and decorating your new house at the same time as you move from one room to another.

When you are organizing, you want to keep some points in mind. You should begin by reducing. When you take items out of their boxes, you can determine if you really need these items. You should reduce your items to fit into the space you have. Your closet is one of those places you need to organize. Your wardrobe is most likely one of the areas where you have too much stuff.

Looking for some pointers to organize your closet? You may have too many shoes, socks, bags, and ski apparel. When it comes to organizing the clothes in your closet, you want to put them in order by color. Color coding helps to make your closet look more welcoming and less messy. For your shoes, you might want to consider shoe boxes. These boxes prevent them from getting damaged or dusty. You can put tilted shelves on the walls in the closet for your shoes. These shelves keep your shoes neat, in one place, and they will not slide off the shelf.

As you organize your house room by room, think about how you want to go about decorating your new house. Consider wall art, shelving, and color schemes you want each room to stick to.

Make Your Kitchen an Efficient Space

When you are decorating your new house, start in the kitchen. The kitchen is always the center of your house, and everyone always seems to gather there. Even if your kitchen is smaller than you would like or does not have the best design, you can still make the maximum use of the space. There are some ways to make your kitchen more efficient and more enjoyable.

Most of the action that occurs in your kitchen goes from the stove to the sink to the refrigerator. This area makes a triangle, and when you are cooking, these are the areas you move between the most. You should keep all of your pans, pots, tools, and gadgets around this area. This allows you to access them easily and quickly when you need them. There are probably some spices and herbs you use regularly, and you want to keep them close to you. You can store them in glass jars on a shelf that is open near your cooking area. They look beautiful and are easy for you to get to.

In addition to simplifying your serving ware by having only one set of dishes, you can opt for open storage of grains, flour, pasta, and coffee. This saves space in your pantry and gives you a fun look. You may need to think about doing some work in the kitchen to create a more homey space. If you need dishwasher repairs, you may want to complete those before you start decorating your new home. The flooring in your kitchen is more important than you realize. If you have old or unattractive floors, consider wood floor installation.

Consider Adding a Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks are a comfortable and casual addition to your home. If you have space for one, it can become the ideal place for your family. You can enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning or help your kids with their homework. The key is building one that is functional and comfortable. If you do not think of yourself as someone that is good with tools, building a nook may seem like an impossible task. However, it is easier than you think. It may include building some benches into an already existing area or simply using the right type of table and chairs.

When you are decorating your new house, think about how you can accessorize your breakfast nook. You really create the vibe with the decor. You want to consider the colors and patterns you plan to use. Incorporate statement lighting, throw pillows, and comfortable seating. Do not forget the walls. You can incorporate wall art, wallpaper, and even a chalkboard. No matter what you decide, you want to make sure you keep it fun and comfortable. A breakfast nook should be welcoming and inviting.

Decorating your new house includes incorporating your family’s needs. What will your breakfast nook be used for? Perhaps you have a son or daughter who is interested in local community college programs or a partner whose job requires him or her to work from home. A whiteboard and calendar, for instance, would be helpful as they work from the breakfast nook.

Ensure Comfortability Throughout Your Home

Before you get lost in the fun and excitement of decorating your new house, there are a few important steps you should take. You want to take care of some basic HVAC maintenance. Taking these steps now can save you a lot of money and help maintain the temperature of your home. You may not know what shape the previous owners left the house in, and you want to take some proactive steps to help yourself.

The first thing you want to do is clean out the dryer exhaust duct. You want to make sure you clean the lint trap or screen after every load you put in the dryer. You also need to clean the duct once a year. Lint gets caught in there and impacts the way your dryer works. You want to clean these before you do a load of laundry. You want to test your air conditioning, even if it is not yet hot. It is better to test, clean, and repair it now than when you absolutely need it. You can vacuum the condenser of your air conditioning unit easily once you have turned off the power to it. Make sure there are not any weeds, grass, or bushes growing near it. Hire a professional from an HVAC company for a thorough inspection.

Add Relaxing Features to Your Basement

A basement is an ideal space to remodel when decorating your new house. Just think about how great it would be to have a space to go and relax after a hard day. The basement is a space that you can create for yourself with all the features you want. You can add features that help you unwind like those at a medspa.

You can control the mood of your basement with lighting and decor. Add an electric fireplace to make it feel welcoming and relaxing, and include oversized and comfortable furniture that you just melt into while enjoying a glass of wine. Installing carpet in your basement gives it a more cozy look and feel. A basement remodel can be costly, and you may want to consider doing it in stages. Plan out all the items you want, and then take steps to create the space you desire.

Consider What You Can Add to Your Backyard

When you are decorating your new house, do not forget about the outside. Your backyard is as essential to your house as your family room, especially if you like to have cookouts in the summer or you have young kids who spend plenty of time playing outside. Depending on the overall size of your backyard, you might want to consider adding a swimming pool. There is nothing more exciting than having a pool in your backyard. It gives you a place to cool off during a hot day, and it gives you a place to gather around when you have friends over. A swimming pool is a long-term investment, so you want to make sure you plan to be in your house for a while before adding one.

Plant a Garden

The landscaping around your home should be considered when you think about decorating your new house. Landscaping is decorating on the outside of your home. No one wants to be that neighbor that has a house that looks like a mess on the outside. Landscaping comes in all sizes. Landscaping could be as simple as making sure your grass is neatly cut and edged. You may want to add some mulch around your house to give it a cleaner look.

To improve the way your house looks on the outside, consider planting a garden in your backyard. Add flower pots and hanging plants to your patio and perhaps some plated flowers along the front of your house. If you do not have a green thumb, you can hire a landscaper to do it all for you. If you do not want to spend the money, you can do it all yourself. The main goal is to make sure your house looks neat and clean on the inside and outside.

Make Your Garage Accessible

People often use their garage as extra storage instead of a place to house their cars. Before visiting the new Ford dealership for a new vehicle, you should decide how you want to use your garage. If you plan to keep your vehicles in there, then you may want to limit the number of items you store in it. However, if you plan to use it as extra storage, you should consider it when decorating your new house.

There are so many ways to get the maximum use out of your garage space. You should consider adding more insulation to your garage to help control the temperature. You want to think about upgrading your garage door and give yourself remote access to it. Also, consider painting the floor. Painting the floor gives it a nice clean look and immediately changes its look. If you plan to store items there, you want a clean space in which to do it.

You should consider adding vertical shelves in your garage, too. This shelving gives you a place to neatly store all your items. It will keep your items off the floor while making everything easily accessible. You want to keep the things you use most often closer to the bottom, at or below eye level. The items you use least can be above your head and less accessible. As you clean and organize your garage, think about adding some decorative items if you or your partner will be utilizing the space often.

Decorating your new house is an exciting aspect of moving. Make the most of your new home by cleaning, organizing, and decorating it properly based on what uses each room in your house will have. Have fun as you take on this new adventure!

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