At least 1 in 15 United States homes has radon levels at or above the recommended EPA action level. Such an estimation raises eyebrows considering the negative effects of radon gas. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s office estimated that at least 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused by radon gas every year. In that regard, it is very much evident that this gas needs to be reduced or kept at the required level. This is where radon mitigation companies come in handy. These are firms armed with the right equipment and expertise to reduce radon gas levels in different homes. However, for this process to take place, you ought to have a reliable company on board. There are a lot of organizations or contractors that claim to offer the best radon abatement services, but in reality, they will not give value for your money. This is why you need to take your time to search for the right radon testing, inspection, and mitigation services. To get the best company, below are some of the tips that will guide you.


You need to be pretty sure that you are working with a licensed company and follow the laid down rules and regulations regarding radon mitigation. Some of the available radon mitigation services ride on fraudulent practices to reap money from potential customers. Such firms are not registered neither do they have a license to operate. Usually, they lure customers into acquiring services that are not of the required standard. So, ensure you ask for the license just to be sure you are working with a radon mitigation company that is legally compliant.


For you to get value for your money, you must work with a reliable radon mitigation company. The company needs to have professionals who are well versed in radon testing, inspection, and abatement services. This will require you to ask for some of their previous works just to have a feel of the quality of services they are offering. Furthermore, assess the radon testing and mitigation contractors’ qualifications to determine if indeed they are up to the task. This will ensure your project is handled by professionals who will deal with the issue within the shortest time possible.


Accidents are likely to occur during the process of radon mitigation. Therefore, it is very important that the radon mitigation companies insure their employees. This makes it very easy for them to get compensation if they are involved in an accident while working in your home. You will not be held liable for that. As a result, you do not have to incur other costs that were not in your budget. Before choosing your preferred radon mitigation company, make sure all the employees have a worker’s compensation insurance cover.

Radon Testing and Inspection Is Very Key

One of the most important tasks a radon testing and inspection contractor ought to do is a test for radon gas. The contractor ought to know the level of radon gas in your home in order to move on the process of radon abatement or not. Therefore, this is a crucial exercise you must undertake before assessing the available radon mitigation companies. Ensure you know whether the radon gas is at the recommended action level or is past that level; hence, it requires mitigation. Once you have that in mind, you can move forward to select a company that understands this issue. You can consult and read reviews of previous clients to know which is the best option at your disposal.


A lot of care and attention needs to be given to the entire process of selecting a reliable radon mitigation company. The market is full of many radon mitigation companies, and the possibility of making a wrong selection is quite high. Nevertheless, by putting into consideration the tips discussed in this article, you will have a seamless selection process.

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