The times you need a plumber most are often the times when the shop isn’t open. Because this is always a possibility, you should have the information for an after hours plumbing service available to you at any time. Looking for 24 hour local plumbers before you need one will save you a lot of frustration and stress during an emergency situation. When looking for an emergency plumbing and heating service, your first move should be to talk to your usual plumber. Do they offer 24 hour plumbing service? If they do, then you can stick with them for standard and emergency care. However, many plumbers have set hours when they’re available. So you’ll need to find someone else.

To find someone who does 24 7 hot water and plumbing, look online for plumbers advertising this service. Then see what kinds of reviews they have. If you find a few with good reviews, you should save their contact information someone that is easily accessible. Then, when you’re stuck with a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to get them in to solve it quickly.

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One of the most necessary aspects of having an independent living unit is having proper water and plumbing systems. No one likes a dirty bathroom, clogged drain or leaking pipes, but all of these issues are unfortunately present in water and waste systems in households around the world. On average, 30% of indoor water usage can be accredited to toilet/waste systems, while 15% of water usage can be attributed to faucets. Your home is OK, though, right? Wrong. Here are 3 reasons why every household should have a number for emergency plumbing services on speed-dial:

  • You Are Wasting So Much More Than You Think. The average household suffers from pipe leakages that amount to over 10,000 gallons of water per year–equivalent to the water needed for approximately 270 loads of laundry. As bad as it sounds to waste on an individual level, the numbers get really, really scary after when you consider how they collectively add up. Household water leaks can cause as much as 1 trillion gallons in wasted water across the U.S. every year.
  • Most of These Huge Issues are Caused by Small Issues. A one-eighth inch crack in a water pipe (approximately 3 inches long) can be responsible for as much as 250 gallons of wasted water per day. And that is just from one pipe.

  • Plumbing Services Can Fix These Issues Very Easily. Good news! In general, most of the plumbing problems that cause such a disastrous waste of water in the U.S. can be remedied by finding a plumber. In fact, easily-fixed plumbing issues can help homeowners save up to 10 percent on their monthly water bills.

Please remember to check all of your faucets and toilets for leaks or faults in the flushing system. Toilet repair is the most common plumbing cause, but every pipe is a potentially severe issue and must be checked for deficiencies.

Also, please remember to be safe when searching for emergency plumbing services, and make sure to search for licensed plumbers before letting anyone in your house.


Have any plumbing stories from your house or apartment? Did they end up being resolved, or would this article have helped earlier in your life? Feel free to leave your thoughts and share your stories in the comments below.

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