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Updates on the Construction Industry From the Global Market to the United States

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The construction industry continues to grow and employ a wide range of skilled production workers. As of 2010, for example, there were approximately 7.8 million Americans working within this industry, according to the National Association of Home Builders. In addition to building residential and commercial buildings, these production workers have also constructed industrial buildings and other types of structures.
Just five years later in 2015, the global construction market was estimated to be about $145.5 billion in United States currency. It’s interesting to note that just one year later in 2016, green building accounted for 26% to 33% of the residential sector’s overall market, as reported by Dodge Data and Analytics. The overall industry has definitely benefitted from this inc

Have Your Room Stand Out with a Custom Wood Wall Panel

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If you’re thinking about doing some home renovation work, you might be thinking about small ways that you can make a room stand out. You might be thinking about repainting the walls to give it a new look and feel, or maybe even hanging up some new accents and decor. If you’re thinking about a bigger investment, you might think about redoing your custom cabinets or purchasing some new appliances (maybe going from black to stainless steel for much more industrial look). Even something as simple as changing your lighting fixtures throughout your home can make it look completely different. If you’re thinking of changing up some aspect of your home to make it look nicer and give it a twist, you might want to think about custom wall panels.
Now, you might be wondering what custom wall panels can do for you

I Want To Own A Pool Are They Hard To Maintain Over The Year?

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There’s a lot to love owning your own pool.

You can exercise in the heat of summer without breaking a sweat. You can add another layer of fun to your family gatherings and weekend parties. Your home will gain a significant boost in its ROI. When you think about it, there’s very little to lose when you reach out to a pool renovation contractor and ask them about their rates. What keeps a lot of homeowners from making the plunge (pardon the pun) are misconceptions about high amounts of upkeep. Pool resurfacing and pool maintenance are both easy to do once you get a little practice under your belt.

Get Fit And Stay Cool

There are many ways to shave off pounds and f

Learn About the Substance In Your Home You Never Knew to Watch Out For

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We all know to be wary of lead or carbon monoxide or mercury, but do we know about the dangerous effects of radon? Many people may not even know that radon testing is a thing, much less how to get rid of radon if it’s found in their home. If you’ve never had your home tested for radon, it’s worth getting in touch with a residential radon testing company and having them come out for a radon testing and inspection of your home. Around 1 in 15 homes in the United States is projected to have radon levels right at or above the action level set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Let’s discuss why

How to Avoid the Most Common Household Water Problems

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Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong with your home’s water supply system. Although it seems like the world should have an endless supply of water considering that the majority of the planet is covered in water, in actuality, only about 1% of all water can be used for all of our needs. The rest is either trapped in ice caps or too salty or undrinkable. If you are currently having difficulty with your home’s water source, one of these solutions might be ideal.

Frequent home water tests

Home water tests can give you insight into what is actually in your water source. Is your drinking water healthy to drink? Should you install a filter onto your home? Do you need water tanks that are larger? Is it smarter for you to drill into your own water source? These are all co

5 Home Heating Maintenance Tips You Can’t Afford To Forget

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In many parts of the country, fall’s arrival means changing leaves, comforting meals, and cooler temperatures. More than likely, you’ll need to turn on your home heating system within the coming weeks. But before you turn on the furnace, there are a few home heating maintenance tasks you need to perform. That way, you’ll be able to ensure your system is working the way it should and will have time to make any necessary heating repairs before the cold really sets in. Here’s a little list of five tips you should keep in mind during your preparations.
  1. Replace the filters
    Throughout the course of a year, your air filters can easily become clogg

Considering Installing a Pool? Keep These Pool Maintenance Facts in Mind

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Have you always dreamed of having your own backyard pool? You could jump in for a quick swim, any day of the week. You could also invite all of your family and friends over for a day of swimming. Owning a pool can be very rewarding, but it can also be a lot of work. Make sure you are prepared for everything that comes with pool ownership before you schedule that professional pool installation.

There are strict city safety requirements

Depending on where you live, you might be subject to safety requirements. These safety requirements include things like requiring a fence around the pool, the entrance and exit ladder types of the pool, and whether the pool can be aboveground or underground. You will want to consider what additions you can add to keep neighborhood children and young

The Top Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your New Landscape Design Project

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Design is a natural way of expressing yourself through your surroundings. Interior design fleshes out the inside of your home and portrays your personality through tables, chairs and throw rugs. Exterior design, also known as landscape design, is a way of crafting nature to your liking. With such a big canvas, it can be hard to know where to begin first. Should you opt for greener lawns or try something more extravagant in the backyard? Whatever you choose is time well spent, because there is a lot to be enjoyed in the aftermath of a good landscape design project. Allow the list below to count the ways.

No Home Is Complete Without A Little ROI

Selling your home in a few years? Perhaps just considering it? Landscape design will make sure that, whatever you end up doing, it’s a fo

How Can I Save Money On My Heating Bill This Winter?

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Installing a new system in your home doesn’t sound like a good time. Why waste your time with a brand new installation when you could instead opt for a simple repair or even attempt a fix yourself? Heating and air conditioning can cause people to search for other options in an attempt to save money and still provide their home with enough comfort to stay strong through the winter. What if you could do both and actually save money in the long-term? While your home may not need a brand new installation, it doesn’t hurt to do a little refresher to better prepare for the snow about to hit your front porch.

The tips below, from maintenance to budgeting, will help you figure out where you stand when it comes to heating and air conditioning.

Quick Facts

Let’s see where you

When Was the Last Time You Did Any Remodeling at Your House?

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You are anxious for this afternoon’s appointment.
After being in your home for 20 years, you are finally ready to make some updates. From the worn and dull spots in the wood kitchen floors to the outdated cupboard fronts, the first goal of the renovation plan is to work on the kitchen remodeling design. And while the basic layout of the space is great, you have many changes that you want to make. In addition to getting the floor refinished and selecting new cupboards, you also want to replace the major appliances. You have already picked out a stove top that you love, so all that is left is to select a coordinating microwave and refrigerator. You have not yet decided if you are going to replace the entire dishwasher, or just buy a new front panel and have it painted the correct shade.
Are Y