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Why Not? 4 Steps to Turn Your Basement into A Bedroom Retreat

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While almost two-thirds of homeowners are planning on renovating, few people remember that basements offer unique opportunities for expanding and transforming a living space. Basements make great recreation rooms, home theaters, and extra offices, but with careful home improvement strategies, they can serve a greater variety of purposes. In particular, basement bedrooms can be an exciting and innovative way to repurpose a finished basement. If you’re thinking about adding a bedroom in your basement, here are a few tips to make any basement an restful underground heaven.
  • Be Careful About the FinishFinished basements and basements finished for bedrooms are not necessarily the same thing. If you intend to make the bottom level of your house a sleeping area, keep in mind special conditions it may require. Take steps to ensure proper ventilation, so that bedding and carpets retain no moisture. Be careful when choosing insulation as well, so that lower-level sleepers stay warm. Finally, choose flooring for practicality– though you may be tempted by gorgeous wood floors for your new bedroom, remember that basements are the first to flood.
  • Warm ColorsTo make any basement room feel less like a dungeon and more like a safe retreat from the world above, choose warm colors and neutrals. Even an industrial-feeling and chilly cement floor can feel more inviting and natural when paired with buttery walls and inviting browns. Since basements often lack natural light, using sunny and cozy colors can help brighten the otherwise dim space.
  • Plenty of LightAnother way to brighten up a basement bedroom is to simply add more lighting. Although expanding windows is often a difficult task for lower levels, don’t rule out finding creative ways to incorporate more natural light. Mirrors can help light bounce around the room, and make a small space feel larger. Similarly, adding lamps, sconces, and other forms of light while remodeling can brighten up the room.
  • Work with the SpaceUnlike many home improvement projects, working with basements creates unique opportunities for quirky industrial styles and designs. The rustic and functional features often found in rooms previously used for storage and utilities can add character to a transformed living space. Look into keeping a section of brick or cinder block exposed as an accent wall. If it’s not a safety concern, also consider leaving ceilings exposed to make the room feel larger. Some designers even paint pipes and beams to create fun visual patterns. Don’t think you have to hide the fact that the room is a basement to make it feel like a bedroom. A clever basement design can use existing features to create a unique, restful and special sleeping space.
For your next home improvement project, don’t overlook basement finishing as a way to add bedrooms and value to your home. With clever design, you can take your basement from a dim storage space to a beautiful and restful paradise.

Bamboo VS Hardwood Floors

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Any home needs proper maintenance, and although its builders may have one idea in mind when the house is constructed, renovation and remodeling can totally change the materials used in a home, and usually for the better. Windows can be replaced, as can doors or the roof or even the floors under one’s feet. Often, hardwood is using for flooring in modern American homes, but there are alternatives that may be much more attractive and efficient, and eco-friendly material for building is growing in popularity not only to preserve the natural environment (part of “going green”), but there are other benefits to alternative flooring materials as well. The transition between floors does not have to be a difficult one; regular hardwood floors can be torn up and replaced with bamboo instead, and bamboo strength and price and make it very popular and desirable. The transition between floors can be made easier when contractors are hired to handle this job. How can bamboo be installed into a home’s

When Was the Last Time You Updated the Lighting Options in Your Home?

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This is the season of lights. From the bulbs that you put on the Christmas tree to the induction lighting that is used on a parking garage, there are many times when consumers have to make decisions about the kind of bulbs that they use. With an effort to make a home the most energy, for instance, many property owners are installing fluorescent tube replacements any time they have a traditional light bulb burn out. From the LED parking garage lighting that is now standard in many parts of the country to high intensity LED bulbs for grow houses, the lighting market is busier than ever before.
As more and more consumers work to decrease the amount of energy that they use to light their home is should come as no surprise that there are more and more companies producing fluorescent tube replacements and other energy efficient lighting options.
Lighting Provides Both Functi

3 Signs You’re Dealing with Clogged Sewer Lines

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There are two separate subsystems inside your home. One of these subsystems is used to bring water in while the other takes wastewater out. The subsystem that takes wastewater out of your home runs through what’s known as a sewer line. Over time, certain sewer lines will be unable to take waste away from your home. Once this happens, you’re dealing with serious sewer line issues. With that in mind, here are three signs it’s time to consider a sewer line repair.

  • Foul Smell Emanating From Your Yard
    One of the first signs you need a sewer repair is if you notice an odd smell, usually coming from your yard. This smell is likely sewage that’s unable to be taken away from your property. If this happens, the sewage has nowhere to go and will remain under your yard. This is a definite sign you’re in need of a sewer repair professional.

  • You’re Dealing with Clogged Drains
    In most cases, a clog is caused by something being lod

The Compressed Air System Working in All Industries

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Air compressor systems are a vital piece of all manufacturers in the United States, no matter the industry. Therefore, air compressor pipes, as well as other parts and maintenance, of the air compression business is quite large. With the need for air compression systems in about 70% of all American manufacturers, service and maintenance are continually necessary.

Air Compressors for Both Electricity and Heat

Air compressor systems are often the generators of a significant amount of electricity for any manufacturer, with as much as 90% of that power generating heat as well. Considering the vast amount of heat that runs through compressor systems air compressor pipes and the wear they face must be considered. Along with the service of the systems, replacement of air compressor pipes and other parts is likely on a regular basis.
However, it is important to know that with even 10% of pressure loss can increase costs by over one full percent. For this reason, to make sur

Installation of New Windows A Good Investment on Many Levels

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Installing windows in any home is a large investment, but it also provides a large return on investment, as much as 80%. High-quality windows are able to last 20 years or more, a large part of that investment remains on your side with those new windows installed.

Installing Home Windows: A Great Investment

While it is already known that the length of the new window and the return on investment are great for the new home window, there is much more to consider. If you plan on staying in your home, the high-quality materials of the window are important, as well as insulation and protection, as these are a great investment for the long-term return that you will receive. Cost-savings will come over the year. However, if you are looking to sell your home and improve the appearance, the immediate return on investment is one that is needed, and among quality w

Find the Right Drapes and Blinds for Your Windows

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A home needs many things to be complete and comfortable to live in, from quality wall insulation to a leak-proof roof to good furniture and climate control. Windows, meanwhile, serve double duty as functional(looking outside and letting natural air in) and can be centerpieces of a room’s aesthetic. A window can be more than a pane of glass surrounded by a frame; window treatments can make a window beautiful, practical, and even money efficient. Motorized window blinds, good quality drapes, motorized window shades, and more can remake a window into something great.

Why Treat Windows?

To function, a window really only needs glass and its frame, but this bare bones assembly is not only boring to look at, but it can reduce a home’s energy efficiency, and thus cost the homeowner extra money over time. Sunlight can quickl