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Electrical Hazards What Simple Fixtures Protect Homeowners?

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Did you know that, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), Christmas trees start an average of 260 home fires every year? Electrical hazards, including electrical fires, shorts, and electrocutions, threaten average homeowners, especially during the holiday season and winter months. What are some important tips to keep homes safe? Protect Electrical Wiring Eliminating household electrical hazards depends on careful wire management. Homeowners need to carefully inspect electrical wiring to make sure it remains organized and intact. Here are some simple products and fixtures homeowners can use to prevent wire damage:

Stay Cozy on Cold Winter Nights by Fixing Your Heater Before Its Too Late

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With Christmas just around the corner, so too are winter’s coldest months. In fact, satellite measurements found that, in July (winter in the Southern hemisphere), the temperature in Antarctica plummeted all the way to 135.8 degrees below zero. That tied the unofficial record for the coldest temperature ever recorded on the planet. While you probably won’t have to worry about warming up your home and shielding your family from such extreme temperatures, getting the proper heat repairs during the winter months is vital for staying warm. Without doing so, it can be tough to stay cozy during the harshest winter nights, even if triple digits below zero are unrealistic. Every homeowner has a different preference when it comes to managing their thermostat and trying to figure out what temperature is warm

What Simple Tools Prevent Lifting Injuries?

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Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 905,700 Americans missed work in 2012 thanks to occupational injuries or illnesses? Staying safe in an industrial or manufacturing environment means handling electrical parts and heavy machinery with caution. What simple tools keep workers safe? Rubber Grommets and Leveling Feet Putting an end to serious injury at work depends on meticulous wire management. For example, circular or oblong rubber grommets redirect wiring, cables, and cords away from sharp corners and edges and/or jagged metal pieces. Grommets are available in a number of different sizes, and some grommets are sturdy enough to hold up u

Before the Heat of Summer, Make Sure Your AC is Working Properly

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During the hottest times of the Great Depression in the 1930′s, many Americans headed to movie theaters to enjoy the air conditioning and take a break from the heat. Today, estimates by the EIA suggest that nearly 100 million homes in the United States have central air conditioning systems installed so that they don’t even have to walk out the front door to stay cool. However, there are a number of different problems that could go wrong with an AC system, and when they do, central air conditioning repairs are needed. Fortunately, local air conditioning repair specialists are available to quickly diagnose and fix problems, helping families beat the heat all summer long. Though every home is different, there ar

Ceiling Fan About to Fall? Might be Time for a Repair

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The best way to beat the heat during the summer months, for many people, is to sit inside and crank up the air conditioning. In fact, in the Midwestern United States alone, more than three quarters of all homes have central air conditioning systems installed so that they can relax comfortably on the couch all summer long. However, the combination of having to keep the windows closed and not letting in fresh air and high operating costs means that you might want to find alternatives when you can. If its not too hot out, opening the windows and cranking up a ceiling fan that provides a nice breeze can be a good way to stay cool. Unfortunately, in the same way that many homeowners need to hire professionals who provide air conditioning services when systems break down, contacting experts who can repair ceiling fans

Four Major Challenges Facing Today’s Potential Home Buyers

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Every year, some 40 million Americans choose to move despite the difficulties that come with it. In fact, after death and divorce, relocation is the most stressful process you can expect to go through in your life. This can be particularly true for home buyers who have virtually no experience and are unsure what to expect. There are several challenges, both mental and financial, that potential buyers will have to overcome if they want to find and move to their dream home. Where to Live? Everyone has different preferences, and it can be tough to determine where you want to go when you move. While some might want to head to NYC for the big city life, others might stay near the small town they grew up in to stay close to their family. For those who enjoy the fresh air, moving to Sante Fe,