A nice lawn helps increase your property value. Using fertilizer is a great way to get a lawn that attracts attention. Jason Creel of the YouTube channel Lawn Care Life looks at what you need to know about lawn fertilizer.

Lawn fertilization companies want you to buy a lot of their fertilizer, so they often recommend you to use more than your lawn needs. Try half of the recommended dose.

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If that does not seem to work after a month, then up the dose to the recommended amount.

Lawn fertilizer bags have three prominent numbers displayed, each separated by a hyphen. The first number is the percentage of nitrogen in the fertilizer. The second number is the potassium percentage. The third number is the potassium percentage. The nitrogen percentage will always be the largest.

The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the late spring on a day when heavy rain is not forecast. Although your lawn will need watering the next day, heavy rain soon after applying the fertilizer will just wash it away. Water your lawn with a quarter inch of water the day after laying down fertilizer.

If it’s been months after applying fertilizer and your lawn still does not look any better, then it’s time to call a professional lawn care company.

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