There has been an increase in homes with beautiful backyards with inground pools. Having a swimming pool in your backyard means you have somewhere to cool off your body, especially during the warm and hot months of the year. However, besides that, a pool can be a great place to relax, hold a backyard barbeque party, or spend some time with family. That is why it is essential to build a pool deck that allows you to conduct such activities. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of constructing such a structure, this article will give you the necessary guidance.

The Steps To Follow When Building A Beautiful Pool Deck

Develop A Detailed Budget

Building a pool deck is a project that can drain you financially, especially if you do not have accurate estimates of how much you are willing to set aside for the same. The main reason you should have a budget is the understanding that your financial abilities differ from those of your friends, relatives, and even neighbors. You may admire the beautiful backyards with inground pools in different homes, but if your money cannot facilitate such a structure, you would rather stick to what you can afford. The scenario is the same when it comes to building a pool deck. You need to measure your financial status to understand how much you have to spare.

Consider all the materials you may require, including timber and concrete, and the payments you must make to the contractor you hire to build the deck. If you are low on finances, building the deck as a do-it-yourself project is possible, and it can save you some money. There are several video tutorials on different internet platforms, such as YouTube, that can guide you on how to go about the project. On the flip side, hiring a professional for pool deck construction is advisable if you want the best results and your budget allows it.

Decide On the Deck Design of Your Choice

Building a pool deck is like any other construction project because you have to be precise about what you want to see as the final result. This should be the second step for all homeowners, regardless of whether they have above-ground pools or beautiful backyards with inground pools. The best part about choosing a design for your pool deck is that you have many options. There have been tremendous transformations in how these structures are created, considering that everyone wants their deck to look and feel unique. That is why it can sometimes be challenging to pick the right plan of how you want your pool deck to appear.

Nonetheless, the good news is that you can contract one of the professionals out there who has a deeper understanding of the best and classic design for such a structure. Fortunately, the number of these experts has skyrocketed, too, but not all of them will offer services that suit your needs. It is advisable to consider working with an individual who has been in the pool deck building industry for quite a long time. With adequate experience, such a professional understands which deck style will be appropriate for your home. If you desire a brick pool deck, you should consider hiring experts specializing in such structures. Most of these professionals have outstanding experience and skills, including stone masonry.

Choose An Ideal Location

Just because you are on your residential property does not mean you can put up any structure wherever and whenever you feel like doing so. Choosing the best location for your pool deck is a decision you should make before even considering where to get the suitable materials, such as timber, stones, and bricks. You must understand that there are construction codes laid out by the state and federal governments. Failure to follow these regulations can land you in severe trouble with the authorities. Undoubtedly, you should construct a pool deck around your swimming pool. However, the guidelines specify where you should raise the structure depending on the pool type in your backyard. If you have an above-ground swimming pool, the restrictions state that there should be at least a one-meter space between the deck you build and any side of the boundary fence.

Additionally, the deck should be two meters deep if you want to make it usable. On the contrary, if you are one of the homeowners with beautiful backyards with inground pools, you should get rid of any electrical wires, such as those connecting your pool heater, or reticulation running through the area you intend to dig for the deck construction project. Understanding the necessary regulations, permits, and licenses to construct a pool deck can be challenging. That is why it is advisable to hire a professional who better understands these codes and regulations.

Set Up Piers and Posts

It goes without saying that if you want a strong deck, you should be ready to install adequate support in terms of posts and piers. The posts you install depend on the design you picked for your pool deck. You might be required to dig to make holes for the support posts. The support is in terms of a series of 4X4 posts. If you find digging holes a challenging task or don’t want to mess your backyard, you can use concrete piers, which will hold the posts in position while offering additional support. The first thing is to set up a pair of pier concrete blocks beside the pool so that there are 12-inch spaces between the pool wall and the center of the first block and 18-inch gaps between the two pier blocks’ centers.

The piers have square sockets molded into them, where you position two 4X4 posts. Mark out a level line on the posts using a 4-foot level so that the posts’ lengths rhyme with the thickness of the pool coping. Bring down the posts, cut them to length, and place them back on the pier blocks’ sockets. This is the procedure you should repeat for all pairs of piers and posts until you have worked around the entire pool. Once the pier blocks and posts are in position, it is time to install floor joists measuring 2X6. Finally, ensure the beams are fastened by screwing them down to the posts’ tops using 2.5 inch deck screws.

It Is Time To Frame the Floor

Once you have your budget in order, buy the necessary materials, contract the right professional, and get clear of the location, the construction of the deck starts by framing the floor. Wood and timber are the most common materials used in such projects. That is why you will realize that most homeowners with beautiful backyards with inground pools use timber to build their decks. Framing the floor involves the laying down and joining of materials to form a base for the deck. Concrete and timber are the mai9n materials used at this stage. Nonetheless, most people prefer using wood for many reasons. Such reasons include the fair prices of timber, the ease of crafting it, and the wide variety available on the market.

To make the frame, you will need two 2X10 lumber pieces, which you nail together to create two squares of the same size. For proper support at the center, the two sides of each square should join at the deck’s center, creating a sturdy support beam for the entire structure. You then need to fill these squares with floor joists cut to length and have 16 inches between them. It is advisable to use galvanized nails and strong ties to ensure you achieve a long-lasting installation. Once you are done with the floor framing part, you are on your way to creating one of the beautiful backyards with inground pools.

You Can Now Lay the Decking

The next step is ensuring that the decking is in place. It is a critical task, but you can handle it as a DIY as long as you have the necessary tools, materials, and pieces of equipment. You are still making progress when it comes to the process of creating one of the beautiful backyards with inground pools. Some of the critical items you will require to lay the planking a circular, deck screws, and a screw gun. The good part is that you do not have to suffer when meeting these needs. You can check out the best furniture store in your locality and the most probable thing is that you will find all you need in such a shop.

After getting the equipment and tools, cut out square shapes on the 1X6 pieces. This ensures that a strong joint is formed when two pieces come together. Next, you should lay the planking and use the deck screws to fix it in place on every joist. It is recommendable to space the screws evenly on the joists. Additionally, you should use one of the screws to help you space the 1X6 pieces to achieve a uniform appearance.

Install The Guardrails

You have to ensure that your pool deck is safe for your family and visitors. That is the work of guardrails. The icing on the cake is that the market is flooded with pre-assembled railings to make work easier for you when installing barriers. You can find these pre-assembled railing sections from most suppliers who deal in home improvements, renovations, maintenance, and remodeling items. However, it would be best to leave a swimming pool opening to make it easy to access the water. It may cost you more to purchase railing sections that are already assembled, but it will save you a lot of time to complete the pool deck building project. Additionally, it can save you some money in terms of labor charges because the contractor you work with will take less time to install pre-assembled sections than they would when assembling the units themselves.

The Benefits Of Having A Swimming Pool At Home

Cooler Summers

You will no longer complain during the hot season as long as you have a pool in your backyard where you, your family, and visitors can cool off your bodies. This is the time when you take out the pool covers and enjoy a cool swim. You may have manual covers or install shutters to make the work easier. The hot months of the year are among the main reasons why many homeowners today have embraced the idea of creating beautiful backyards with inground pools.

Enhanced Property Value

If you plan to sell your home in the future, having a swimming pool may boost its resale value. This is especially true if you get a buyer who is a swimming enthusiast and you have one of the beautiful backyards with inground pools. You will have a bargaining edge. Additionally, most people today find a home with a swimming pool a better option, meaning you will attract only the best home purchasers.

Promotes the Property’s Aesthetics

The blue color seen from your swimming makes your home look cleaner and more attractive. Nonetheless, you also have to ensure that the place is always clean, something that people with beautiful backyards with inground pools never forget to do. Fortunately, many pool cleaners are out there to help you with that task.

Contributes to Your Family’s Good Health

According to health professionals, swimming is one of the activities that can help you maintain good health. That is because, besides making you feel fresh, you get a chance to exercise all your joints and muscles. Swimming combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which significantly contribute to good health. It also helps minimize or eradicate stress, anxiety, depression, and fear.

Pool decks have become the talk of the town over the last few years. This popularity has been triggered by the comfort, aesthetic appeal, and flexibility offered by such a structure. Wooden decks are the most common, but others are made of various materials, including concrete and bricks. That is why the information above guides you on how you can build a deck, especially for an inground pool.


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