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What came first, the chicken or the egg? Do you believe in ghosts? Some of these questions have been around for centuries and have some serious debates surrounding them. One question has been around for just as long and surely will stir up fights between you and your peers. That question: would you rather live in the city or in the country?

If we check our dogma at the door, we should be able to at least see where the other side is coming from. We have to realize there is no one solid answer. We also have to realize that throughout the long history of this argument, at no time ever has anyone ever admitted defeat. No one has ever said, “Wow, you’re right! My opinion was totally wrong and you’re totally right. I totally want to move to the (insert city or country here) now!” First of, guy who says “totally” way too much, you never said those words. Second of all, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each:


Depending on whom you ask, bugs are a very popular answer when coming up with cons of country living. There are just more bugs than there are in the city. That’s a fact. But if you can get passed those pesky pests, is it really all that bad? Just wear bug spray.

Living in the country is surely more peaceful than city living. You have a stronger sense of community. You’ll actually know your neighbors and will take pride in your yard, your land, and your town. City living — depending on the person — could potentially result in living in the same apartment building for 20 years and never even knowing your neighbor’s name.

The landscape of the countryside is more aesthetically pleasing (besides all those damn bugs) and you can actually see the sun when it’s up. If you prefer nature over the sound of horns — you might want to start thinking about looking for homes for sale in the countryside.


Big city living! That’s actually one of the cons of living in the city. When you see someone not living in the city they will almost always yell out, “Big city living!”

Living in the city is obviously much more hectic than country living. Some people thrive on that kind of environment, however. Some people need millions of other little conversations going on in the background of their day accompanied by sirens, horns, and all the Wall Street people shaking their fists.

One of the major benefits of city living is it’s not as repetitive as country living. Sure, there are plenty of things to do in the country, but there are an infinite amount of things to do in the city. Explore new areas, go to concerts, shows, movies, spend the rest of your life trying to figure out the best route to get to every single bar/restaurant in one night only to find out that it’s physically impossible, etc. There is a lot of fun stuff to do — so you can always stay busy.

If this kind of life seems great to you, maybe you want to check out some condominiums of homes for sale in the big city!

If you are serious about searching for homes for sale anywhere in the country, it’s important to consult with professional realtors before any major decisions are made. Whatever it is: city, country, space or underwater living, try to see the positives in it all and enjoy your new place! Research more like this. For more information see this.

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