Cheap house decorating ideas

Are your home furnishings mismatched and worn? No clue what to put up on that blank wall? Decorating in a smaller home can present challenges, but that does not mean it is time to give up. Small homes can be visually stunning, and beautiful, too. Don’t give up just yet, keeping fight the good fight, and follow these small house decorating tips to make the most of limited space.

Think Big

Designer David Kaihoi gives us the facts, “Big furniture makes a small room seem grander.” Create an illusion of space by choosing large pieces of furniture. Imagine a small, empty bedroom. Now imagine it with a queen size bed, and again with a twin bed. Your eye will follow the horizontal lines created by a larger, full sized or queen sized bed. Twin beds look small, and that will only give the bedroom an overall “cramped” feeling. Another tip? Make the most of corners. Choose L-shaped couches for the living room, or build a banquette in small dining rooms to open up extra floor space.

Tweak Lighting

There are all kinds of tricks you can play with lighting. A good deal of them come in handy for home decorating, or DIY home improvement tips. Start opening up a room, or creating the illusion of more space, by repainting walls. White reflects the most natural light, so it is always a good choice. Keep it going by choosing reflective, or clear, furniture, appliances, and decorations. Home improvement websites agree; choosing stainless steel kitchen appliances and a high gloss black countertop will help small kitchens balloon up. Use the same strategy for the rest of the house. Decorate the living room with a few mirrors, and opt for a glass coffee table.

Limited space does not put an end to decorating and high class home design. Follow small house decorating tips. Purchase large furnishings, and play with light, to give your small apartment or home extra flair.

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