This YouTube video starts out by stating that only qualified and trained personnel should be working on garage doors. The repair, service, maintenance, and installation should be left to the job of a professional.

The person in this video shows the difference between a door that is functioning properly and one needing maintenance. He lifts the door partially, explaining if it stays where it’s at, it’s good. If it should drop to the floor, it is called a “heavy door” and needs the springs adjusted.

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Another indication a door needs adjusting is it flies open alone, which means it is overwhelmed.

He goes on to explain the way to check the cables and ensure they are not frayed or broken off. Then he checks the springs, verifying they are good also. He then takes a spray to lubricate everything He sprays all the bearings and joints of the door. Advising not to spray the springs because that will just collect dust and dirt.

He then opens the door and gives it a test run. Checking to adjust the chain, verifying it is operating smoothly.

This video is very informative to non-professionals. It shows a person how important it is to have a professional do garage door service. Because garage doors are heavy and can be quite dangerous.

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