While installing a chain-link fence by yourself may seem pretty hard, this video provides an expert, step-by-step guide to make the DIY route easy. It’s for homeowners who would like to do things properly and by the book.

According to the video, the first step is getting building and zoning permits before breaking ground. That’s because the fence is within your property, and you must ensure there are no disruptions to your utility services when you are digging.

Many homeowners want something that improves the aesthetic appeal of their homes, and this is exactly what this video offers, the perfect fencing layout and the proper material to use.

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It points out the accurate measurements and the details that go into setting up your terminal post and the use of the material for a successful fence installation.

Another part worth noting is you also get guidance for proper installation of your hardware: rails, fabric, tension bar, brace band, and your gate. Therefore, this video has all you need to know for a smooth chain-link fence expert installation.

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