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It seems as though moving organization tips should be broadly applicable to a variety of situations. However, a lot really depends on the distance between locations. Moves that are in close proximity to each other require different organizational strategies from those that will take weeks and involve great distances.

Local Movers

Nearly 60 percent of Americans still reside within the state of their birth, and nearly 40 percent have lived in their hometown their entire lives. Moving organization tips for local moves revolve around completing everything as quickly as possible, especially if you want to hire movers. This is because the moving company is usually paid by the hour as well as by the mile.

First, make sure you label the boxes as you pack them. This will make it easier for the movers to take them to the right room, saving significant amounts of time. In addition to putting the room on the box, also, add a brief list of contents so you will know what needs to be unpacked first. Knowing that one box in the kitchen has cookie cutters and the other has pantry staples is extremely helpful when you?re looking for a snack the first night in your new home.

Next, when you are packing your boxes make sure you don?t make them heavier than someone in the household can easily lift. It is tempting to fill them to the brim knowing you have ample help getting them to the new location, but it?s a really bad idea. Once the movers have left for the day, you will likely need to reorganize boxes in order to get what you need. If the boxes are too heavy it will be difficult, and possibly dangerous, to rearrange them.

Long Distance Movers

When people do decide to relocate to an entirely different area, it is usually due to a job opportunity. Sometimes this means people are moving across the state but it can also mean a cross-country move. If you are making a move that will require going a vast distance, the moving organization tips you will need require extra strategies to minimize stress.

First, you will want to separate the things you will need right away from the items you can wait for. Clothes, toiletries, personal electronic devices, and necessities for work should be packed in luggage and taken with you instead of loaded into the moving truck. Make a list of all the things you would need to be able to successfully work out of your suitcase or suitcases, if that was all you had available and plan to take that with you when you go. This precaution is to ensure that if the moving company is late, or if you are too busy to unpack right away, the basics are easily accessible.

Long distance moves have a greater chance of property damage for a variety of reasons. To ensure your belongings are properly insured by asking for specific information on the dollar amount covered, limits, and additional options. Any high-value items should be photographed or recorded on video in case issues arise regarding the state of the item prior to the move. Keep the insurance information and any pictures with you, rather than packed into the moving truck, to make filing a claim easier.

Moving to a new location is considered a major stressor for most people regardless of the distance between locations. Taking the time to carefully plan and organize your move can greatly reduce your stress.

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