The kitchen is one of the most valuable and central parts of a home. The kitchen offers a space for people to gather, eat and drink, and make memories! This is why 69% of people say they’re willing to pay more for a home with newly done kitchen renovations when shopping for their new place!

Some new kitchen remodeling trends are affordable, can be done relatively easily, and can add value to the home. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, kitchen renovations can help freshen and modernize the look of your home. Below are some kitchen remodeling trends you can be a part of!

1. Have a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are now becoming more popular, becoming standard in newer-built homes and coming in a variety of designs! Having a kitchen island allows you to have a space to entertain guests, enjoy a cozy breakfast or cup of coffee, and incorporate more storage into your kitchen. You can add anything from books to extra pots and pans in your kitchen island, while also using to for a pop of color or bold contrast to the rest of your kitchen. Best of all, with some simple hardware and tools, you can even make your own kitchen island using older bookshelves or cabinetry.

2. Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet replacement can be pricey, and it can be especially time-consuming and invasive. Fortunately, cabinet refacing is now becoming a popular trend that allows people to do kitchen renovations at an affordable cost. Cabinet refacing uses real wood, laminate, or veneer panels to replace your cabinet doors and cover your existing cabinets. This adds a high-quality finish and durability. Popular cabinets include darker wood mahogany and cherry, with chocolate finishes that make your kitchen warm and luxurious.

3. Upgraded Flooring

After years of cooking, grease stains, spills, and foot traffic, kitchen flooring is one of the first places a kitchen can use an upgrade. Hire a flooring contractor to replace your kitchen with a variety of modern materials, including ceramic, tile, and wood. Then, cover your floors with slip-resistant rugs with bold designs to add a modern look to your kitchen!

4. New Sinks

Your sink is perhaps the most central part of your kitchen. From helping rinse off dishes, to filling up your pots with pasta water, your sink adds functionality and appeal to your kitchen. Opt for a sink that has a deep basin large enough to hand everyday kitchen duties. For added flair, choose sinks that have faucets with gold or matte-black finishes. These new finishes are beautiful and can be great additions to complement any style of kitchen. Your sink faucets can even be upgraded to be touchless, come with a spray or stream option, and have a detachable handle.

5. Fresh Lighting

Kitchens need to have ample lighting to be able to allow you to cook, serve dinner to your family, and entertain your guests. To do this, it’s important to have new lighting that is inviting and functional. A home electrical service will be able to add new modern kitchen lighting, such as under cabinet lighting, undermount sink lighting, pendant lighting, and chic linear chandeliers! These can all not only help you in your day to day activities, but add a layer of warmth to your home.

6. Replace Windows

Nothing is worse than a drafty, cold kitchen! In order to prevent this, replace your kitchen windows to not only warm up your kitchen, but also save you money on energy bills. Old windows can, unfortunately, also be an entry-point for potential burglars. They can also gather dust and limit lighting. Allow more natural sunlight by opting for new kitchen windows. Ask your kitchen remodeling contractors to recommend windows that will compliment your kitchen, such as casement windows, sliding windows, or double-hung windows.

7. Replace Countertops

Countertops take a lot of wear and tear. From cutting meats and veggies to preparing food on them, countertops not only have to be attractive, but also durable. It’s time to get new kitchen granite countertops, which come in a variety of colors to suit any modern home. From black granite, to quartz and white countertops, opting for affordable granite countertops is one of the best remodeling trends today.

8. Over the Range Microwave

Throw out that old microwave that takes up too much counterspace, and hire kitchen remodeling contracts to install an over the range microwave! These can be installed low enough to where even the shortest member of the family can have access to them. Over the range microwaves are great, space-saving appliances, which is why they are now becoming more and more popular. They can sit on top of your oven and make it easier to reheat food and prepare dinner all at once.

9. Stainless Steel Ovens

Speaking of ovens, perhaps the most popular kitchen trend today is installing stainless steel ovens. Ovens with a chrome finish look sleek, modern, and can add value to your home. Modern ovens can not only look amazing, but also help you save money on energy costs and help you fit more pots and pans so you can cook bigger meals! If you already own a stainless steel oven but notice strange noises, faulty gas burners, or even strange odors, you might need to reach out to an appliance repair service.

10. Cabinet Organizers

From pull-out shelves, to spice racks and dish organizers, cabinet organizers are one of the best trends to make your kitchen more functional and organized. Cabinet organizers can be budget-friendly, including simple shelves and hooks that attach easily under your sink or in your drawers. Use these to organize cups, pots and pans, and have access to your utensils easily!

11. Tile Backsplash

Installing a tile backsplash can add a pop of color, completely change the look of your kitchen, and can be relatively affordable! You can even do a DIY tile backsplash using faux tile and a cheap can of paint. Tile backsplashes can include ceramic, pearl shell, and slate tiles just to name a few. A building contractor can help tear out your old tile and install a new backsplash.

12. Liquor Bar

Installing a mini bar into your kitchen is relatively simple, and can allow you to entertain guests while you prepare food! You can have a building contractor install a new mini seating area, or you can simply put a mini bar cart in your kitchen to work as a serving area. Mini bar carts in particular offer a certain elegance, especially when paired with your favorite wines and spirits! You can also install wine glass hanger under your cabinets to save space and truly have a luxury feel!

13. Floating Shelves

In addition to wine hangers, floating shelves in your kitchen are also a hot new trend! Floating shelves can be cheap to install, serve as extra storage, and also help you display kitchen decor. Use floating shelves to store your favorite cookbooks, vintage or modern decor, and even as a spice rack or to store dishes. When installing floating shelves, kitchen remodeling contractors will help you know which shelves are sturdy enough for everyday use. Opt for shelves that match the theme of your kitchen, such as sleek metallic or wood shelves.

14. Partitions

Most modern homes incorporate an open floor living plan with a kitchen that blends into the living room. However, partitions are now making a comeback in a huge way! Adding partitions made of glass can still give your home that open, vibrant feel, while giving you all the benefits of an enclosed kitchen. From being able to enjoy some alone time, to keeping pets out of the kitchen while you cook, glass partitions can add beauty and functionality to your kitchen.

15. Range Hoods

Huge range hoods over your stove are now the must-have for modern kitchens! Once thought to look bulky, new range hoods have sleek designs and can be finished in chrome, matte black, gold trim, and just about any color. Best of all, range hoods can give your kitchen an industrial feel, all the while working to remove chemicals and smoke from your home’s air. This allows for better air-quality, and for you to cook more. If you have a cottage food business where you make food at home or operate an in-home kitchen, consider investing in a range hood.

16. Added Greenery

You wouldn’t think one of the first places to put greenery in your home would be your kitchen. On the contrary, more and more people are starting to see the benefits of adding small, indoor plants into the kitchen! Hanging plants, small cacti, and plants in the windowsill all allow life to come into your kitchen and brighten up the mood. They can also be useful, such as growing herbs indoors you can use to cook. These include rosemary, basil, mint, parsley, green onions, you name it!

17. Bold Colors

Gone are the days where a kitchen had to be stark white in order to be considered beautiful. Bold color combinations are now making a comeback, with many kitchens incorporating bold colors through pots and pans, displays, and even bold colored dining room tables. You can even purchase appliances that come in a variety of colors, like red and navy-blue ovens, teal-colored fridges, or any other combination. If you want to change the theme of your kitchen and have a more retro-style feel, these colored appliances are the perfect fit!

18. Dedicated Pantry

It makes sense to have a dedicated area to store everything from your spices, to snacks, pastas, flours, and everything in between. Having a dedicated walk-in pantry allows you to have easy access to all your favorite prep items while cooking and stay organized. It can also save you space and allow you to use your cabinets to store cups, pots, and dishes rather than having to divide the space to store food items. Pantries can be designed to be hidden away from sight by incorporating a cabinet-style design, or even behind-the-door style designs.

19. Bar-style Chairs

Sleek bar stools can add an air of sophistication and make your kitchen look more open. Due to their small size, you can easily use bar stools to add seating to your kitchen island, dining room table, and mini bar. This allows you to entertain more guests all the while incorporating modern design elements into your kitchen. Bar stools come in a variety of styles, which can all be easily slid under your counters or other areas in the kitchen to save space.

20. Hidden Appliances

What’s in that drawer? It’s an entire dishwasher! Hidden appliances are now all the rage, with the ability to hide dishwashers, ovens, even refrigerators. Cover your appliances in your favorite stained hardwood and give your kitchen a seamless, modern feel. There are now also entire hidden kitchens, such as Kim Kardashian’s famous minimalistic sink! These minimalistic-style appliances are a new kitchen trend that’s here to stay.

21. Multipurpose Kitchens

Smaller apartments are becoming more commonplace, with younger millennials flocking to big cities and living in lofts and apartments that might not have a full kitchen at all. To save space in smaller apartments, you can use your kitchen as a multipurpose area such as a study area, reading nook, or even an office. Add budget-friendly storage and opt for smaller appliances you can stack on one another, such as a microwave fridge combination, and completely re-design your kitchen to save space!

Choosing the Kitchen For Your Lifestyle

Whether you live in a small New York apartment, or a large, country-style house, kitchen renovations can do more than just change the look of your home. By re-designing your kitchen and following these new trends, you can add value, functionality, and style to your kitchen at an affordable cost! Get the help of professional contractors when you need it, and leave it to the pros to make your kitchen stunning!



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