In this video, Colin Silkwood discusses Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and how it is growing in popularity for commercial buildings.

There are many benefits, including cost, longevity, and performance, from SPF roof coatings. There are, however, some common problems with SPF roof coatings.

1. Limited Installation Window – time of year makes a difference.

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Prepare early and avoid winter and cold weather.

2. Finding a Contractor – you want an accredited contractor and certified installers.

3. Potential Overspray – when spraying the roof, there is a chance the wind could cause overspray to go on cars and windows.

4. Upfront Costs – not all systems are the same, and a spray foam roof may cost more than other roofs.

5. Maintenance – roofs require maintenance. Need annual inspection. Just because it is not leaking does not mean it does not need an inspection.

6. Punctures – it is a softer material and can get punctured. Also, if anything is dropped on, that item can get stuck.

7. Expired Warranty – sometimes, when a roof warranty expires, the owner lets the roof go and does not get regular inspections and cleanings.

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