Deadbolt locks have long been heralded as the locks that keep people out. There is a lot to learn about deadbolt locks and why they are the best option for security. Whether it is a dresser that you want to secure with dresser draw locks or you are looking for entry way security the deadbolt is the way to go.

There are plenty of different locking mechanisms on the market. Locking hardware can be used for everything from cabinets to doors. Door and cabinet hardware can be combined with a deadbolt to add security. They make amazing childproof locks. When keeping someone out is the goal, deadbolts are the solution

Locks Through Out History

Locks have been around for centuries. Historians agree that locks first made the scene about 6000 years ago. Initially locks were reserved for the rich and famous at the time. They were very simple pin tumbler devices made from wood. The Ancient Egyptians used these devices to secure their most precious goods.

Egyptians were not the only ones that were big on keeping their stuff secure. Romans and Greeks also jumped on the bandwagon. Romans are credited with incorporating metal into their locking devices.

During the Roman empire, keys and locks were a status symbol. The more keys you carried the wealthier you were thought to be. During this period locking hardware was very ornate and large, in line with the idea that locks and keys were tied to status.

Locks slowly evolved through out history. During the industrial revolution the need to secure goods became greater which of course meant the need for better locks became greater and the deadbolt was born!

Linus Yale is credited with securing the first patent for a deadbolt design in 1861 and as they say the rest is history. Yale locks are still a very popular lock brand today.

Why A Deadbolt is Best

Deadbolts can only be opened by a key. They are not spring activated locks which means that they are jimmy proof. For example, you have a gun cabinet that must be secured, spring loaded key locks for cabinets can be compromised but deadbolts cannot. Of course, you could rip the door from the hinges, but you cannot jimmy open the lock.

Whether it is a front door or a laundry room, if a deadbolt is installed, no one is getting in. They are considered the most secure mechanical locks around. They can be a stand-alone locking device or combined with other security features like biometric scanners or access point cards.

Installation for a deadbolt is the same process as installing any type of locking device. With a few hand tools and some know how the process is complete quickly and well worth the effort. Deadbolt locks deliver peace of mind!

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