When you’re constructing your home, one of the things you’ll need to consider in your material choice is your home’s insulation. Having the right R-value insulation for your home can not only make your home more comfortable during particularly hot or cold seasons, but it can also reduce your home’s energy bills. ICF walls help provide reliable insulation while still acting as breathable walls, helping your home stay comfortable.

ICF Walls

ICF walls can provide superior insulation as well as allowing construction to go more quickly from start to finish. Because of their unique design, ICF walls give your home better insulation. Additionally, since these insulated concrete building blocks are designed to fit together easily, construction will likely take less time than with other traditional materials.

ICF Flooring

Most people focus on using insulated concrete forms for just walls, but these useful building materials can be helpful in your floors and foundations as well. These materials make a great alternative to cold concrete flooring. In fact, compared to concrete flooring, ICF decking weighs 40% less and has superior insulation. This can help you keep your space warm and also speed up construction.

Why Focus On Insulation?

What makes insulation so important in your home? If you live in a warmer or moderate climate, quality insulation might seem like an afterthought. However, using better insulation in your home can also help to keep cool, conditioned air inside your home during the warmer seasons. Additionally, ICF creates breathable walls that ensure healthy air quality throughout your home. Even if you’re not especially concerned about your home’s insulation during the winter months, having high-quality insulation in your home can help.

Energy Friendly

The insulation benefits of ICF might not always be easily noticeable, but the impact it can have on your energy bill is significant. Improved insulation with ICF walls can cut down on heating and cooling energy use, which makes up a majority of most Americans’ energy bills.

Insulated concrete forms can create breathable walls that still provide excellent insulation for your home. For more information on insulated concrete forms and using them to build your home, contact a contractor today.

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