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There’s a lot to love owning your own pool.

You can exercise in the heat of summer without breaking a sweat. You can add another layer of fun to your family gatherings and weekend parties. Your home will gain a significant boost in its ROI. When you think about it, there’s very little to lose when you reach out to a pool renovation contractor and ask them about their rates. What keeps a lot of homeowners from making the plunge (pardon the pun) are misconceptions about high amounts of upkeep. Pool resurfacing and pool maintenance are both easy to do once you get a little practice under your belt.

Get Fit And Stay Cool

There are many ways to shave off pounds and feel your best. A pool will make sure you do so in style. Swimming is a fantastic source of cardiovascular exercise because of the way your body moves against the water’s resistance, that of which is ten times more than air. You can beef up your thighs, flatten your stomach and strengthen your arms through each and every session. The average person swims in a pool six or seven times per year and swimming is still the most popular recreational activity for children between the ages seven and 17.

Just 20 or 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day will significantly reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease. How’s that for a plus?

Give Your Home Some Polish

There’s no harm in boosting your ROI. When you sell a few years down the road you’ll find your home spending less time on the market and raking in a higher amount of cash. Houzz provided data exploring the most popular projects for homeowners, with one of the top three items picked being grills or barbecues. You can see where this is going! Pools pair wonderfully with outdoor kitchens and cooking amenities, creating the perfect party environment for any occasion.

An outdoor kitchen can net you an ROI of 100% to even 200%. Let’s keep looking at outdoor additions before we get into pool resurfacing.

Create A Heck Of A Good Time

If you love entertaining, a new pool will be just what the doctor ordered. A Houzz study saw over 50% of respondents updating their yards to make them even better for entertaining guests. Another 15% of customers are choosing to add outdoor kitchens to their backyards to complete their set-up. Landscapes who specialize in residential design and renovations were asked to chime in with their opinions on the most beloved outdoor elements. Unsurprisingly, entertainment spaces were the second most popular out of the bunch.

Pool resurfacing is a natural part of keeping your pool looking good year-round.

Taking Good Care Of Your Pool

How can you keep your pool sparkling all days of the week? Learn your basics. The average inground pool liner has a lifespan of five to 12 years, depending on its quality, and above ground pool liners tend to average out at six to 10. Pool plaster degrades over time and will require a new coat once it starts to show signs of heavy staining or etching. Your outdoor kitchen food prep zone should have a few feet of clear space around it to avoid accidents and keep the grill away from rambunctious children and pets. An impressive 40% of inground pools also have accompanying diving boards, an addition you should consider if you want to go all out.

A pool screen contractor can answer any additional questions you have about pricing or upkeep. Get yourself, your home and your friends one of the best homeowning additions of the century.

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