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If you’re thinking about doing some home renovation work, you might be thinking about small ways that you can make a room stand out. You might be thinking about repainting the walls to give it a new look and feel, or maybe even hanging up some new accents and decor. If you’re thinking about a bigger investment, you might think about redoing your custom cabinets or purchasing some new appliances (maybe going from black to stainless steel for much more industrial look). Even something as simple as changing your lighting fixtures throughout your home can make it look completely different. If you’re thinking of changing up some aspect of your home to make it look nicer and give it a twist, you might want to think about custom wall panels.

Now, you might be wondering what custom wall panels can do for your home. Custom wall panels come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. They can make a home look more sleek or exotic, depending on what kind of look you are going for. Here are three simple ideas for how custom wall panels can give your home and new look and feel.

1. Light wood floor hallway

By using custom wood wall panels in a light color of wood, you can put them up as the walling in your hallways. This creates a very sleek and contemporary feel because the solid wood walls are flat and reflect a lot of light. This is great for home that have big windows with a lot of natural light than can reflect from the wood, or for homes with lighting fixtures that can reflect on the wood, giving your home a very sleek look. This is the best option for someone going for a very modern and minimal feel for their home, especially if they have a very muted color palette as well.

2. Wood planks in different sizes

If you choose to go with a look that includes wood panels in different shades that compliment each other, and overlapping shapes, they can give off a very exotic and unique look. This design is great paired with LED lights inside of the panels that give your wall a really cool and contemporary glow. This is great for someone going for a very eclectic look in their home and are tired of their more minimal decor.

3. Panel parquet flooring

If you’re going for a very ornamental and Victorian look, this is the best option for you. This paneling has designs in them already, that when laid out, look great for someone who wants a more “busy” design on their home. If this flooring is paired with minimal decor or a pop of color, you have a look that is completely your own and that your guests will be envious of!

You would be amazed just how much custom wood paneling could do for your home. You could use it for walls or for flooring for a whole new look. Which design are you thinking of? Let us know in the comments!

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