American plumber water filter

The Environmental Protection Agency is crucial for our society and Mother Nature because well over 80 contaminants that are harmful to the environment are on the list of regulations that the EPA regulates. Contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, lead and e coli are harmful to our bodies and sometimes these contaminants are in our drinking water. Regulations are necessary for keeping our public water system free of more than 80 contaminates, but these regulations are sometimes not enough to prevent health issues. A whole house water filter will further your safety by preventing public water contaminants from your glass of water.

Did you know around 15 percent of the public water supplies contain contaminates, such as bacteria? You probably did not know up to 40 percent of private water supplies contain contaminates as well. There should be no surprise with how popular whole house water filter systems are becoming with statistics like these. If you are looking for Omni water filters or Pentek water filters, there are a few things to keep in mind for spotting the best whole house water filter. First off, you must have your water tested in order to see what contaminants are present in your water supplies.

The type of contaminates you have in your water will actually play a vital role in what type of whole house water filter you should be using. Treating your water with chemicals is an unhealthy option that you should not consider. Instead, choose a quality whole house water filter or an American plumber water filter to ensure no contaminates are in your glass of water. It is especially important to use a water filter system in your home if you have kids. No parent wants his or her kids to drink contaminated water. Read reviews and check out the different filters systems available on the market.

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