If your garage door is crooked, you may wonder if you can fix it on your own. Many professionals fix garage doors, but they have the right tools and training to do the job safely. There are ways homeowners can fix crooked garage doors, including the method in the video posted to this page.

Video Source

However, it’s important to note that caution is needed. You need to only use the exact tools specified in the video and to follow the steps exactly to keep yourself safe from the dangers of working with garage door torsion springs.

In the video, the technician uses vice grips, two winding bars, and a wrench. He mentions specifically that the winding bars need to be used and cannot be subbed out with screwdrivers or any other similar tools. Winding bars can handle a lot more force than most ordinary tools.

To fix the crooked door, the technician lets some of the tension out of the springs and cables that hold the garage door in place. Then he adjusts the cables on either side of the door until the door is level with the floor. Once the door is properly adjusted, be restores tension to the cables and springs to keep it in place.

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