Owning a home by the water can be a true dream come true. You have easy access to a sandy beach, a refreshing dip, and can let the relaxing sound of waves lull you to sleep every night. That being said, beachside homes have their downsides; when the weather gets particularly stormy, you may find that that cool, refreshing water has made its way inside your home. With the fallout of water damage varying in severity, home repairs can add up quite quickly. Here are four weatherproofing ( and waterproofing) ways you can protect your home to prevent the need for water damage repair.

  • Stuccoed Concrete-Block Siding: Many building materials require tedious upkeep due to deterioration from exposure to coastal air. By using stuccoed concrete blocks, your home will benefit from improved durability (stucco siding can last for more than 100 years), standing up to high winds and powerful storms quite easily.
  • Laminated Glass Windows: Florida is prone to hurricanes, as are most regions with coastal homes worth living in. By investing in windows featuring impact-resistant coatings, your home will be able to tolerate pressure from winds up to 200 miles per hour, and flying debris up to 35 miles per hour without shattering. It has the added benefit of improving your home’s overall stability.
  • Modern “Wicker” Outdoor Furniture: Wicker is the quintessential patio furniture, but it doesn’t do very well when mixed with water — it can rot quite easily. Modern “wicker” furniture maintains the exact same look and aesthetic, but is made from a synthetic woven material over a powder-coated aluminum frame; you’ll never have to worry about the condition of your outdoor furniture again!
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Handles: Salt has never gotten along very well with metal. If you live on salt water, you may find that your metal hardware is rusting in no time at all. Switching to oil rubbed bronze handles, your hardware will never pit or corrode due to the elements.

With home water damage insurance claims costing American homeowners an average of $6,965, leaving your home unprotected simply isn’t worth the risk. Throw the additional cost of water damage repair (and general home repair) that isn’t covered on top, and you could be facing either life in a home that is in serious need of remodeling, or a significant amount of debt.

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