Some people make the mistake of ignoring their air condenser coil until there’s a big problem. However, just knowing how to clean it and perform essential AC maintenance can save you a lot of money and trouble later. The Youtube video “How To Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser” shows the best way you can do it. Let’s find out more!
Everyone with central air conditioning has a condenser somewhere outside the house, and to ensure that your AC maintains proper function, you need to know how to clean it.

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Unfortunately, the cooling fins inside the system get plugged up with all kinds of dust and debris. If you live in a clean area, and it doesn’t look that dusty, you can probably wait a couple of years between each cleaning.
However, doing it once a year is much smarter. First, you have to disconnect the electricity for your condenser, which should be close to the unit according to most American codes, and then, it’s time to separate the pieces to clean. If the power unit is not nearby, you might have to turn it off from the circuit breaker.
You can watch the rest of the video for the full details about cleaning your ac condenser.

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