Tile sealing in tampa

While the feel of cozy, plush carpet can be quite inviting and comfortable, many people are opting for harder surfaces for their flooring, whether in the home or in a business setting. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to flooring for the kitchen and bathroom, which are traditionally the areas with hard surface flooring, but lately people are also choosing these materials for hallways, entryways, living or dining rooms, and even in the bedroom. From hardwood to linoleum, to other tiles and stone like terrazzo and travertine, these surfaces often offer a cleaner and more polished look to the home.

Terrazzo cleaning, travertine polishing, and dealing with grout
Of course, while the harder surfaces lend themselves nicely to a cleaner look, and in some cases are indeed easier to clean, there could be certain guidelines to follow, depending on the material. For example, there are harsh cleaning chemicals that you probably want to keep away from hardwood or the grout between tiles. It has been suggested to use a mixture consisting of about one-third white vinegar and approximately two-thirds water for daily cleaning uses on grout, but you could also just call a professional. Basic travertine and terrazzo cleaning can be pretty simple, using a broom and a mop, but there are more in depth ways to get these types of floors to really shine. Travertine sometimes needs to be honed to maintain its shine, which is employing the use of polishing pads embedded with diamond.

What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a type of material that is made from small chips of marble or similar substances that are mixed with concrete or resin to set and then given a good polish for an eye catching shine. It has Italian origins and has been used for centuries. The best way to clean terrazzo floors is to first sweep or dry mop to get rid of excess dirt, then apply a water or a gentle cleaning solution evenly on the floor, letting it soak for awhile to dissolve more stubborn areas of dirt and grime. The cleaner should not be acidic or alkaline. Sometimes just using water works the best. The last step of your terrazzo cleaning is to rinse the floor with fresh clean water, possibly more than once. You can then choose to buff the floor as well, if you really want your terrazzo cleaning project to command attention.

Tile restoration for terrazzo floor polishing

Terrazzo restoration and polishing can be quite the process, depending on the complexity of the project. Buffing the floor helps to restore an original look and shine, but if terrazzo has serious damage to it, it can be difficult to find pieces that work well with the rest of the floor, particularly if it is a unique type of terrazzo. There are many different styles, and this type of flooring is usually a long lasting material, but there are ways to restore it if the need arises. One of the good things about terrazzo and the many forms and styles it can come in is the fact that its often varied look is not just appealing for the color or style, but also for the actual material it is made out of. Terrazzo flooring that has 100% recycled glass aggregate as part of the mix of stone, marble or granite chips could have up to 75% recycled raw material by volume. And the fact that it does hold up to the test of time means that those consumers who choose terrazzo are also pitching in to help save the planet as well.

If you are building or remodeling a home or business, your choices for flooring will probably seem endless. But consider what the polished look of something like terrazzo or travertine might do not only for the image of your business, but for the productivity of your employees as well. Just imagine, the employees who feel like they are walking into a place of importance, a place that shines beneath their feet, just might feel more inclined to turn up the energy and effort.

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