This video discusses different types of wiping cloths that can be used for cleaning. If you’re looking to determine which wiping cloth is best for you, this is a great video to watch!

Premium 100% Cotton

Great wiping cloths for polishing musical instruments, jewelry, and other items you don’t want to leave fingerprints on. This type of cloth is ideal for use when upselling vintage items or restoring antiques.

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Ring-Spun Cotton

Great wiping cloths for soaking up water or mopping up large areas. These are the most similar to traditional towels, but will ensure that towels meant for personal use stay sanitary.

Eco-Friendly Wood Pulp Cloths

Can hold 15 times its weight in water. Great wiping cloths for washing dishes or wiping down countertops. This type of cloth is biodegradable and can easily be sanitized between uses.

Microfiber Cloths

Great wiping cloths for fine surfaces such as electronics and reading glasses. Seamless varieties are a good choice for especially delicate surfaces. This type of cloth comes in a variety of sizes so that you can clean small phone screens, camera lenses, and even large televisions.

This video is great to learn how many different types of wiping cloths there are, as well as learning what each material is best used for. If you’re looking to learn more about cleaning tools and the types cloths that are available, this video is a great resource for you.


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