Building a wood fence? Check out this video for the top 5 mistakes to avoid when building wood fences.

Mistake #1: Not locating the underground utilities. A mistake here could lead to a costly expense or serious injury.

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Mistake #2: Not getting your fence posts buried deep enough. Usually, 2 feet underground is a safe bet because it goes below the frost line.

Mistake #3: Using pre-built fence panels. These likely won’t fit the shape of your yard, leaving you with an uneven fence.

Mistake #4: Using wood posts and wood frames around the gate. Oftentimes, this mistake leads to a crooked or warped gate, making it unusable. Try steel posts and frames instead.

Mistake #5: Not building a proper transition from a 4ft fence to a 6ft fence. When you make a good transition, it makes your fence look like it was built for your yard.

Bonus mistake: Not staining and sealing your fence. You’ve spent a lot of money on building your fence, do what you can now so it lasts longer.

Avoiding these common mistakes will keep your fence in great shape for years to come!.

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