Designing the ideal kitchen involves a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. To ensure your remodel kitchen project is a success, steer clear of these common design mistakes.

Firstly, be cautious with fridge placement.

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A protruding fridge can disrupt the overall harmony of your kitchen. Opt for counter-depth fridges to seamlessly integrate them into the space, avoiding an unsightly appearance.

Secondly, reconsider low cabinetry. Cabinets below waist level may look good, but they can be impractical and limit accessibility. Choose drawers whenever possible, allowing for easier organization and avoiding the need to crouch down to reach items.

Bold and trendy-colored cabinetry may catch your eye, but think strategically. While a pop of color can be appealing, consider incorporating trendy hues through accessories rather than committing to bold cabinet colors that may become outdated.

Closing the gap above cabinets is crucial for a polished look. Leaving a significant space between upper cabinets and the ceiling can make the kitchen appear unfinished. Invest in stacked cabinets or false fronts to achieve a cohesive and high-end aesthetic.

Inadequate lighting is a frequent oversight. Illuminate your kitchen with a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Properly lit spaces enhance functionality and visual appeal.

Don’t blindly follow the kitchen work triangle concept. Evaluate your kitchen layout based on individual needs, especially if you have a larger space or unique features like an island or a Butler’s Pantry.

Lastly, learn from others’ experiences. Triple-check measurements and avoid hasty decisions when purchasing appliances during a remodel. Take your time to create a kitchen that seamlessly combines style and practicality.


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