In this segment of the YouTube video, “13 Questions to Ask When Buying Land,” the speaker underscores the critical importance of posing essential questions before finalizing a land purchase when you’re looking for affordable land for sale. The first consideration is the intended use of the property, setting the foundation for subsequent inquiries.

The video proceeds to outline key questions, including zoning, easements, access, land surveys, conveyance of rights and interests, water features, environmental defects, and the availability of public utilities.

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The speaker emphasizes understanding the current land usage by both the owner and neighbors to ensure compatibility with the buyer’s plans.

Additionally, the speaker highlights the significance of asking about potential industrial development near the property, which could be disruptive. The twelfth question pertains to the presence of trails and roads, considering accessibility and convenience.

The final question addresses potential government actions, such as eminent domain, where the government has the right to claim land for public use. Awareness of any eminent domain threats is crucial for prospective buyers, ensuring they make informed decisions about the land’s suitability for their intended purposes.

By asking these comprehensive questions, potential buyers can gain confidence in their decision-making process and ensure that the land they are considering aligns with their goals and expectations.

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