Bathroom vanities and sinks

Regardless of whether a homeowner wants to partake in a renovation in order to add value for resale, or to simply make the home more comfortable, a new bathroom with a modern toilet can be a great upgrade. Thomas MacAvity Stewart, of Saint John, New Brunswick, patented the vortex flushing toilet bowl, which creates a self cleansing effect, in 1907. Although the modern toilets might hardly resemble it, they can be a great addition to a Jack and Jill bathroom that features two doors and is accessible from two bedrooms.

Although modern toilets are great products, they are not the only appliances individuals might want to install in their new bathrooms. Walk in bathtubs are a great option because they allow users who might not have been able to bathe on their own previously to do so comfortably, without any assistance. Walk in tubs feature doors that open either inward or outward but always form a water tight seal when they are closed, which makes them a great addition to a new bathroom that might already feature a modern toilet.

Homeowners that add modern toilet to their renovated bathrooms can help make their homes more efficient. Switching to water saving toilets and other plumbing fixtures can reduce the water and wastewater bills up to $100 a year for an average family. Consequently, water efficient toilets can help homeowners get the most out of their investment when they decide to upgrade their bathroom. Although not one plan is right for every homeowner when it comes to new bathrooms, installing a modern toilet is something that can nearly always be beneficial. Get more on this here.

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