Like other pieces of furniture and decor, window treatments need to be replaced. Many homeowners choose to replace their window treatments after seven to eight years.

This is often because window treatments can suffer from wear and tear. But if your window treatments are in good shape, they may not necessarily need to be replaced.

So how do you know when it’s time to replace your window treatments?

4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Window Treatments

Compared to other decor and furniture, it can be tricky to identify the signs of wear and tear on your window treatments. For this reason, we have compiled a few of the top signs it’s time to replace the window treatments in your home:

    1. You have frayed cords. One of the top signs it’s time to replace your window treatments are when your cords are frayed. When your cords are frayed it can either mean that your window treatments have reached the end of their life or that your window treatments are too worn. In either case, your window treatments aren’t as usable as they used to be and it’s best if you replace them.
    2. Your window treatments have frayed edges. Frayed edges are common with age whether you use roller shades, cellular, shades, roman shades, or traditional window treatments. Frayed edges occur when the sides of your window treatments scrape along your window frames for a period of time.
    3. Your window treatments aren’t meeting your needs. Another common sign it’s time for new window treatments is when they’re not meeting your needs anymore. Perhaps when you first installed your window treatments you decided you needed only a little bit of sunlight in a designated area. But now that it’s been a few years your needs may have changed and you need for sunlight in that same space may require different window treatments.
    4. Your window treatments are outdated. When you first installed your window treatments, they may have been in style the way roller shades and bold curtains are in style now. But if your window treatments are looking more tacky than trendy, it may be worth getting some new custom window treatments instead.

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