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On March 10, 2014, IAPMO in collaboration with Water for Indonesia Now held a charity event in Yayasan Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Jakarta, Indonesia for World Plumbing Day. This video compliation captures the special presentations and performances put on in celebration of this important day. World Plumbing Day is on March 11th – “every year, every where” as the video points out. The World Plumbing Council created this day in 2009 to spread awareness of the importance of plumbing and commercial plumbers. This public outreach event raises awareness on the importance of clean water and humans have access to drinkable water. Local students in Jakarta opened the celebration with a musical performance for all of the event’s attendees. Various speakers gave presentations on the standardization of plumbing and how this will improve sanitation within countries like Indonesia. The Sambutan CEO of the IAPMO Group, Russ Chaney, was one of the primary speakers and was even presented with an award for his outstanding service. Chaney believes in the importance of educating all people on the importance of clean water, even children. He spoke to the children in the audience and encouraged them to be good students and to maintain good friendships. The event was not only informative, but fun, as attendees experienced multiple performances including traditional dances, and student dance and singing acts. Hygienic plumbing processes are essential to human health and the environment. This is why World Plumbing Day is celebrated across the globe. Numerous countries partake in the event by holding seminars, competitions, and even celebrations. Those who work in the plumbing industry collaborate with people who work in other industries. Together, they share and spread knowledge to work towards improving the quality of sanitation processes. This leads to water that is safe to drink and is accessible to those who need clean water the most. Water plays an integral role in our daily lives – from having a glass of water, to showering and even flushing the toilet. Many infections and diseases can be easily prevented through proper plumbing and sanitation procedures. Unfortunately, there are still millions who are living in the world without access to plumbing or clean water. World Plumbing Day helps bring focus on the communities still in need of basic plumbing amenities. Today, plumbing has advanced in many innovative ways that bring sustainable and energy-efficient methods to make the most of our planet’s water. World Plumbing Day is a day to celebrate our world’s progress in plumbing and the plumbers who help bring clean water to the world’s population.

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